Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are located in Rocklin, Califonia, about 20 miles east of Sacramento.

Do you have a store we can visit to pick out our animal?
Sorry, we are not open to the public. However, we do allow for local pick-up in the Rocklin, California area. Contact us for more details.

Do you accept payment plans?
Definitely! No problem to set up a payment plan schedule with you. Please inquire for details.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is $45 within California, and $50 within the rest of the United States. International shipping ranges from $400-$750 depending on the country and airline used.

How do you ship your reptiles? How long does it take for them to arrive?
For shipments within the United States we use FedEx Priority Overnight. We drop the packages off around 5:00 PM Pacific Time, and they should arrive to you the next day, typically by 10:30 AM (unless you are in a extremely rural area far from a FedEx hub). International shipments are sent via air cargo to your closest major airport.

Is it safe to ship live reptiles? What about during the winter or summer?
Definitely! We have a lot of experience shipping thousands of reptiles all over the world since 2002 in all kinds of weather. Don't worry about this, and put your trust in us to make sure your reptile gets to you in good shape. Our reptiles are shipped in a styrofoam insulated cardboard boxes with heat packs or cold packs if necessary. Prior to shipping we will check the weather at your location and at the FedEx hub and will make sure the reptiles are packed appropriately for the weather conditions they will encounter during the trip to you. When it is super cold (below 20F) or snowy we may delay shipping until the weather warms up a little. We do guarantee live arrival, and we have a 30 day health guarantee. If the animal arrives dead, we would send a replacement. However, please save the body and the box to send back to us.

I just placed an order using your online order form, but the gecko still shows as For Sale. Why is it not listed as On Hold or Sold?
Once we receive your order form we will manually process the order during business hours. Order forms sent in after 4:00 PM Pacific Time will be processed on the next business day. Orders placed on Friday night or over the weekend may not be processed until Monday. We will send an email confirmation once we have confirmed and processed your order. Our website is updated once per day, and status updates such as "On Hold" or "Sold" will be completed at that time.

My order is supposed to be shipped today, but I haven't received a tracking number. Do you still plan on shipping my order today?
We are located in California, and typically do not start processing orders and packing shipments until 3:30-5:30 PM Pacific Time. This is 6:30-8:30 PM Eastern Time. Once we process your order FedEx will automatically generate and email you a tracking number. For our customers on the east coast of the United States, your tracking number may not arrive to your inbox until 9:00 PM Eastern Time.