Shipment of Reptiles to Hamm, Germany

September 12, 2020


Special Opportunity for European Customers!

We are now accepting orders for the September Hamm show.

Our past shipments to the Hamm shows over the last 14 years were a great success! Thank you to everyone who purchased reptiles from us. We are proud to have had so many successful shipments, with hassle-free and stress-free delivery for our customers. We will be sending another shipment to the Hamm, Germany Reptile Show on September 12, 2020.

All orders must be prepaid in full by September 5, 2020 unless alternative payment arrangements are made.

There is no minimum order, so this is a great opportunity if you are interested in only one, or a few animals. All geckos and snakes pictured on our available pages are available for shipment to the Hamm show.

Our prices are in US Dollars, and customers pay the amount in USD. The only additional cost is the shipping cost. Shipping costs are per animal, and include all fees associated with shipping and importing the animals (freight and shipping charges, inspection fees, health certificate, customs fees, and taxes). Shipping charges are $40 for each gecko for 1 or 2 geckos, or $30 each for three or more geckos.

Geckos can be placed on hold without a deposit for 7 days, but a 25% non-refundable deposit will be required to leave geckos on hold for over 7 days. All payments must be made in full by September 5, 2020 unless alternative payment arrangements are made. Payment can be made by Paypal, credit card, or wire transfer. Paypal payments funded from your bank account can take 2-3 weeks to transfer the money, so please plan ahead. Also, wire transfers can take 4-5 days to finish the transfer, so please plan ahead so the transfer is completed by September 5, 2020.

We have more geckos available that are not listed on our available pages, including most of the morphs we sell. Let us know if you are looking for something in particular. We have lots of geckos available, and new geckos will be posted every 1-2 weeks until the time of the Hamm show.

Customers in UK, Germany, France (Paris), The Netherlands, and Austria: Can't make the trip to the Hamm show? No problem! We have made arrangements for courier deliveries of geckos ordered in the Hamm shipments. Click Here for more details.