We are Coming to the Western Canada Reptile Expo!

Special Offer for Canadian Customers
No Minimum Order and No Shipping Costs!

Geckos Etc. will be a vendor at the Western Canada Reptile Expo (WCRE) in Red Deer, Alberta on August 25-26, 2012. We will have a good assortment of Leopard Geckos and Fat Tail Geckos (and likely newts) to sell at the show.  However, pre-orders are the best way to make sure you get exactly what you want!  We are now accepting pre-orders for anything off our website.  If you don't see what you want on our website, let me know and I can check for availability.  All pre-orders can be delivered to you at the show.  All shipping costs for animals purchased at the show and for pre-orders delivered at the show will be waived.

For anyone that isn't able to attend the WCRE show, you can still pre-order!  I can send any pre-orders to your closest airport via Air Canada from Calgary after the show.  An additional shipping cost will apply for any animals that need to be shipped after the show.  This fee is dependent on the Air Canada charge to ship from Calgary to your closest airport.  We can fit up to 15 animals in one box for a flat rate. Please inquire for an estimate of the cost for shipping from Calgary to your closest airport.

As always, we have a live arrival and 30 day health guarantee on all the animals we sell.