Steve's Trip to the Japan Reptiles Show in Shizuoka, Japan
(Yes, it is Reptiles Show, not Reptile Show)

Steve and Bob Applegate from Applegate Reptiles were invited to sell reptiles at the Japan Reptiles Show on August 4-5, 2007. This is the largest reptile show in Japan. Here are some photos from the trip.

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View from our hotel in Tokyo the first day.
Bob Applegate and Ted in front of Ted's office when we were packing up for the show. Bob is 6 feet tall...and has to duck to fit under the door.
Ted has a shower on the balcony of his office!
It was hot and humid when we were in Tokyo. Junko is enjoying this fan!
The bus we took to the show.
Everyone packed up and ready to go. From left to right: Kazumi, Junko, Bob Applegate, Bob (with the hat), and Ted.
Steve and Kazumi (our translator)
Junko, Bob, and Kazumi
Driving to the show. Note we are driving on the left side of the road, and the driver sits on the right side of the car.
McDonalds menu in Japanese.
The sign outside the show.
Setting up for the show.
Bob giving the thumbs up because were are almost fully set up.
They had a huge pen with rabbits, sulcata tortoises, and brown tortoises.
And another pen with hundreds of baby chicks. What is that for?
The show opened on Saturday, and there were a LOT of people there. Here are some views of the show:
LOTS of turtles!
Our booth
Steve. Bob Applegate, and our translator Kazumi
My geckos on the table.
Steve, Bob Applegate, Kazumi, Bob, and Ted
Steve and Junko
The huge pen with chicks turned out to be a petting zoo. The kids were buying food to feed the chicks.
I just wonder how many got trampled...
Cute little thing!
You could also buy food for the tortoises and rabbits. I'm sure the tortoises were exhausted at the end of the day from all the kids sitting on them.
They also had a 14 foot albino Burmese Python loose in a the PETTING ZOO!

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