Reptile Wedding!

As many of you know we got married on September 10, 2005 at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference in Anaheim, California. Mark O'Shea from Animal Planet was the best man, and Bubba the Alligator was the ring bearer. We had a wonderful wedding and want to thank everyone that attended. We were amazed at the reception and kind words we received from the reptile community! Thank you to everyone who brought gifts. We were blown away when we found out Debra and Diana from Camlon Reptiles gave us a male Mojave ball python for a wedding gift! Thank you!

An article about our wedding was in the Orange County Register on September 11. Click here to read the article.

On a sad note, we heard that our beloved ring bearer passed away one week after the wedding. We join the rest of the reptile community in sending our condolences to Jim Nesci, Bubba's keeper. We are very happy that we were able to share the joyous occassion of our wedding with one of Bubba's last appearances. Usually the bride steals the show, but at our wedding, Bubba certainly won the hearts of everyone. He will certainly be missed.

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Arch and stage

Wedding cake provided by Reptiles Magazine

Wedding Favor (Front) - Hershey's Chocolate Bar

Wedding Favor (Back) - Hershey's Chocolate Bar

Marcia McGuinness from Golden Gate Geckos pinning on the corsage

Bubba guarding the rings

Such a good ring bearer!

Even Bubba got to wear a corsage!


Marcia holding an Ivory Ball Python

Steve, Mark O'Shea and John Klepeis (Deb's uncle)

Steve and Bubba

Marcia playing with her new friend

Getting ready to start

All eyes on the bride walking down the aisle

Even Bubba thought the bride looked beautiful!

Bubba, Deb's parents and aunt

Lots of people!

Steve's parents

Deb's mom reading a poem

Reciting wedding vows

Mark O'Shea holding an Ivory Ball Python

Mark O'Shea retrieving the rings

Exchanging rings

Erin Bomkamp (Maid of Honor)

Steve's Dad reading a poem

The new Mr. and Mrs. Sykes


Cutting the cake


Deb feeds Steve

Steve feeds Deb


Marcia, Deb's mom, and Mark O'Shea

Deb's Dad and Mark O'Shea getting rowdy!

Steve and Deb with Steve's parents

Steve and Deb with Deb's parents

Steve and Deb with Steve's parents

Steve and Deb with Mark O' Shea

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