Geckos Etc. 2010 News


11/13/10 - The first of our Western Hognose Snakes (Heterodon nasicus) have been posted for sale. These are ones that we hatched in 2010 and they are all eating well on unscented pinkies. We have Red Albinos, Albinos, Reds het Albino, and Het Albinos available. We will have more available soon.

Here is the link to the page: Western Hognose Snakes For Sale
11/11/10 - I have started posting new available geckos for my next website update. The first ones to be posted were Bold Stripe Bell Albinos and Bell Albinos. In total there will be 197 new geckos in this update. I will be posting new geckos each day as I have time. It should take me 7-10 days to get them all posted. I will post the list of morphs added once I finish the update.

11/3/10 - I have been posting new available geckos to my website over the last two weeks, and I just finished posting the last of them. There are a total of 127 geckos in this update. The new ones include Albino Fat Tails, het Patternless Fat Tails, Super Giant Albinos, Godzilla Giants, Super Giants RAPTORs, Giant Mack Snow, Novas, Super Snow Het RAPTOR, Snow Radar, Radars, Snow RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Snow Blizzards het Diablo Blanco, Red Stripes, Bell Sunglow Enigmas, Super Snow Tremper Albino het RAPTOR, Tremper Enigma het RAPTOR, Super Hypo Tangerine, Eclipses, RAPTORs, RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Bell Sunglows, Tremper Sunglows, Snow Tremper Albinos, Snow RAPTORs, Blazing Blizzards, RAPTOR hets, Bold Stripe Snows, Bold Stripe Bells, Giant Albinos, Mack Snow Engimas, Mack Snows, Bell Albinos, Snow Bell Albinos, Wild Caught Bloodine macularius and fasciolatus, Rainwater Albinos, Blizzards, and Super Snows.

I am working on the next update already and will start posting the first of the new ones to my website in the few days. It takes some time to take the photos, select the photos, crop them, and resize them so they are ready to be posted. What I have been doing recently is getting a batch of photos ready to be posted, and then posting some to my website each day (usually when drinking my coffee in the morning!). Then I post here when the update is 100% completed.

Our breeding season for the leopard geckos is nearly over. There are only a few more females that are still laying eggs, but most of the leopards are being cooled now. Our knobtails have also finished they breeding season, and we will start them cooling in a couple weeks. Some of our fat tails are cooled now, but others started ovulating a month ago, so we are getting a good number of eggs now. We should have a lot of baby fat tails hatching around Christmas! That will be a nice treat for the winter when everything else is cooled and less active!

10/11/10 - Bell Blazing Blizzards and Hets are now available for sale! Here is the link to the page: Blazing Bells For Sale

In addition to the Bell Blazing Blizzards, Bells 100% het Blizzard, and Blizzards 100% Bell Albino that were posted, I have also posted 137 other new geckos for sale. The new geckos include White Out Fat Tail Geckos, Caramel Albino Fat Tail Gecko and Het Caramel Albinos, Albino and Het Albino Fat Tails, Ghost and Het Ghost Fat Tails, Super Giant Snow RAPTOR, Giant Albinos, Red Stripes, Super Giants, Giant RAPTORs, Giants Het RAPTOR, Snow Tremper Albinos, Tremper Sunglows, Super Hypo Tangerines, Patternless Albinos, RAPTORs, Het RAPTORs, Mack Snows, Super Snow Bell, Super Snow Blizzard, Snow Blizzards, Giant Mack Snow Tremper Albino, Bell Albinos, Novas, Bold Stripes, Bell Albino Enigmas, Bell Sunglow Enigmas, Bell Sunglows, Enigmas, Snow RAPTORs, RADAR, Het RADARs, Mack Snow Eclipse, Wild Caught Bloodline Eublepharis macularius macularius and facsiolatus, Giant Snow Tremper Albino Het RAPTOR, Tremper Albinos, and Normals.

10/4/10 - Our first offering of Bell Blazing Blizzards will be posted on October 11 at 12:00 Noon (Pacific Time). We will have Bell Blazing Blizzards and hets available for sale. We have been working on this project for 8 years, and we are excited to finally have them ready to offer for sale! Quantities will be limited. Bell Blazing Blizzard males will be $1500, female Bell Blazing Blizzards will be $1000, and Bell Albinos 100% het Blizzard and Blizzards 100% het Bell Albino will be $500-$550.

9/22/10 - Welcome to our new website! We are happy to announce our new website is here with new features and a new look! This project has been in the works for literally the past year, and we are happy to have it finally completed. We still have a bunch of little odds and ends to finish on the website to make it perfect, but it is 90% there. So what do you think of our new website? Please let me know if you have any comments, find anything that doesn't work, or have any suggestions on how to make it better and more user friendly. Most of the old pages are here, but it may take a little while for everyone to get used to the new navigation.

I will miss our old site! It was a good one that served us well for 8 years! But it was time for a unpgrade, and we are very happy with the new site.

Special thanks to Brittney Gougeon from for her work on our website. She is a great designer, very creative, extremely knowledgeable about Dreamweaver, and did a fantastic job on our website. I am amazed that after she has designed so many reptile websites each one still has an original, distinctive look. I am just not that creative! :) I highly recommend her if you need any website design work done.

I have been holding off posting new geckos because the website was getting finished, but now that it is complete I can start posting new ones. I should have more geckos posted by the weekend.

9/6/10 - Sixty-eight new geckos were added to the available pages. The new ones include Nephrurus amyae (hypos and non hypos), Nephrurus deleani (our first offering of this species!), Bold Stripe Bells and Bold Stripes Het Bell (our first offering of these morphs!), Super Giant and Giant RAPTORs Het Diablo Blanco, Red Stripes, Diablo Blancos, RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Blazing Blizzard Het Diablo Blanco, Snow RAPTORs, Snow Bell Albino, Nova, Enigma, Giant RAPTOR, Tremper Sunglows, Snow Blizzard, Blizzards, RAPTORs, Mack Snows, Tremper Albinos, and High Yellows.

8/29/10 - Part two of the update has been posted. Between this update and part one posted on 8/21, a total of 129 new geckos were posted. The new geckos include Wild Caught Bloodline E. macularius macularius and E. macularius fasciolatus, Radars, Snow Eclipse het Radar, Snow het Radar, Eclipse het Radar, Normal het Radar, Diablo Blancos, RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Snow RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Snow Blizzard Het Diablo Blanco, Super Giant and Giant RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Giant Snow Albino Het Diablo Blanco, Giant Albinos, Giant RAPTORs, Giant RAPTOR hets, Giant Snow Albino het RAPTOR, Giant Mack Snow Tremper Albinos, RAPTORs, Eclipses, Tangerine Jungle Albinos het RAPTOR, Super Snow Eclipse, Snow RAPTORs, APTORs, Mack Snow Tremper Albinos, Tremper Sunglows, Tremper Albinos, Enigma Snow Tremper het RAPTOR, Super Hypo Tangerines, Bell Sunglows, Snow Rainwater Albino, Red Stripes, Enigmas, Bell Albinos, Snow Bell Albinos, Rainwater Patternless Albinos, Super Snows, Bell Sunglow Enigma, Blizzards, Snow Blizzard, High Yellows, Bold Stripes, Bold Stripe Snow, Giant Albinos, Bell Albinos, and Mack Snows. Wow that is quite a list of morphs! :)

There is still time to place an order for the Hamm show. Let me know if you are interested in any of the new geckos.

New geckos will be posted soon, including a lot of knobtail geckos.

8/28/10 - We hatched a really interesting Paradox Albino Western Hognose Snake last week from breeding Albino x Het Albino.



8/21/10 - A bunch of new geckos were posted for sale of a variety of morphs. This is part one of this update. All in all when everything is posted there will be about 150 new geckos. I am in Florida now for the Daytona National Reptile Breeders Expo, but am working on the update when I have downtime in the morning and before bed. I will hopefully post some new ones for sale before I leave Florida, and the rest of the udpate will be posted next week when I am back home. I will be back home on Tuesday.

So far the Daytona show has been a lot of fun, and thanks to everyone who purchased geckos from us! We have some great stuff to sell here, Sykes Emerines, Blazing Bells, Godzilla Giants, lots of fat tail gecko morphs, and a lot of other great stuff.

8/4/10 - I just finished posting 76 new geckos to the website. The new geckos include Albino Fat Tail Geckos, Patternless Fat Tail Gecko, Het Caramel Albino Fat Tail Geckos, Super Giant RAPTOR, Super Giant Het RAPTOR, Super Giant het Diablo Blanco, Super Giant Albino, Giant Het RAPTOR, Giant RAPTOR, Super Hypo Tangerine, E. macularius fasciolatus (from the wild caught bloodline), Wild Caught Bloodline E. macularius macularius, APTORs, Mack Snows, Diablo Blancos, Super Snows, Bold Stripe Snows, Giant Albinos, Giant Snow Tremper Albino, Enigmas, RAPTORs, Snow Enigma Het Bell, Bell Albino Enigmas, Giant Snows het RAPTOR, and a Nova.

More geckos will be posted soon!

We are getting packed up now for the Reptile Super Show this weekend. It should be a really fun show! It is part of the LA Pet Fair, and there will be other buildings that have other pet related shows going on (fish, pond stuff, dog, cat, horses, etc.). I will be leaving on Friday, and will be back on Monday night.

7/3/10 - We are now taking orders for the September Hamm show. Let us know if you would like to order any of the geckos on our website for delivery to the Hamm show. We will be posting new geckos soon, including some awesome fat tail gecko morphs!

We are having a great season so far! Be sure to check out our facebook page for updates and photos of some of our new projects.

Thanks to everyone who purchased geckos from us last weekend at the Reptile Super Show in San Diego. We had a great time at the show, and we brought our 7 month old son Andrew as well. This was his first 2-day long reptile show, and he had fun at the show playing in his playpen and watching people go by.

6/11/10 - Forty-seven new geckos were posted to the website. The new ones include Nephrurus amyae, Nephrurus wheeleri, Tremper Sunglows, Dreamsickles, Bold Stripes, Red Stripes, Red Stripe Enigmas, RAPTORs, Super Snows, Super Snow Bell, Snow Bell, Nova, APTOR, Mack Snows, Bell Sunglows, Blazing Blizzards, Bell Albinos, Super Snow Patternless, and a Bold Stripe Snow.

The breeding season is going very well. We have hatched a lot of great leopard geckos and fat tail geckos so far, and many more to come. I am still waiting for the first of the 2010 knobtails to hatch, but that should be within a week or so. This year we are hatching Nephrurus amyae, wheeleri, levis, and deleani. We are actually having very good production with our deleani this year . I had two females that did not want to get cooled over the winter, they chose to instead lay fertile eggs each month all winter! That was a nice surprise, and we will have finally some deleani to offer for sale this year.

6/2/10 - We are now on Facebook! Click on the link below to see our page and become a fan. I will be posting updates there on what I am doing, new projects, what is hatching, etc. You can see photos there of a Striped Oreo Fat Tail Gecko we just hatched last week.

Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture Facebook Link

5/12/10 - I finished posting 135 new geckos to the website. There are a lot of really nice ones in this update! The BIGGEST news of the update is that I posted the first of Godzilla's offspring on my website. They are on this page Godzilla's Offspring For Sale.

In addition to Godzilla's offspring, there are a lot of other types in this update. The morphs in this update include a really nice Tangerine Albino Fat Tail Gecko, RADARs, Eclipse het RADAR, Bell Enigma 66% het RADAR, Female Bell Albinos 66% het RADAR, Dreamsickles, Giant and Super Giant Tremper Enigmas, Giant Nova, Tremper Enigmas, Super RAPTOR, Super Snow Eclipse, Snow RAPTOR, Snow Eclipse, Snow Enigmas het Rainwater Albino and Patternless, Red Stripes, Diablo Blancos, Bold Stripe Snows, Blazing Blizzards, Tremper Sunglows, Super Snow Engima, Enigma Red Stripes, Bell Albinos, Snow Bells, Super Snows, Snows, Super Snow Tremper Albinos, Patternless Albino, Rainwater Albino, RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Snow Ghosts, Ghost, Super Snow Patternless, Wild Caught Bloodline macularius, Blizzards, Super Hypo Tangerines, Eclipses, APTORs, RAPTORs, and Tremper Albinos.

5/3/10 - I am back from my trip. The first of the new geckos in this update have been posted. I had hoped to get them all posted while I was away, but I wasn't able to get as much work done on the update as I had planned. I will be posting more new geckos to the available pages each day over the next few days. I will post again when they are all posted. In total there are approximately 125 new geckos in this update.

I am a bit behind on emails right now, but I will be working on answering those between updates to the website.

4/27/10 - I will be away for the next 6 days visiting family for my sister's wedding in New Jersey. This will be an interesting trip...our first time traveling with a nearly 5 month old baby! Hopefully Andrew falls asleep and handles it well. Andrew is the "Head Usher" for this wedding, and has a cute little tux to wear. I'll have to post a photo of him in his tux when I get back.

I have been taking photos of geckos this week, and will be working on the update while I am away. There are around 100 new geckos in this update, including some really cool and rare ones! Hopefully I can get my computer online and may post the update before I get back on Monday. I am not sure of my email access while I am away, but I should be able to check email at some point. If I don't get to answer emails while I am away I will answer them when I get back.

I am always reachable by phone, and will have my phone with me while away. You can reach me while I am away at our normal phone number. My next day shipping packages will be Monday May 3.

4/6/10 - Seventy new geckos were posted to the available pages. The new geckos include Nephrurus amyae (both hypos and non hypos), RADAR hets, Snow Blizzard het Diablo Blanco, Snow Tremper het Diablo Blanco, RAPTORs, Giant Mack Snow Tremper Albino, Blizzard, Tremper Albinos, Tremper Sunglows, APTORs, Enigmas from our Enigma Wild Caught Bloodline project (really cool - check them out!), RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Blazing Blizzards het Diablo Blanco, Snow Tremper Albinos, Super Hypo Tangerines, Super Snow, Bell Albinos, Bell Sunglows, Red Stripes, Blazing Blizzards, Enigma Rainwater Albino, Diablo Blanco, Giant RAPTOR, and a Giant Albino.

Offspring from Godzilla will soon be available to those people on the waiting list. Let us know if you would like to be included on the waiting list.

This is a busy time of the year with setting up breeding groups, and we have already had the first leopard gecko, fat tail gecko, and knobtail gecko hatchlings of the year. Our fat tails are doing very well and so far we have already hatched Caramel Albinos, Het Caramels, Patternless, and Amelanistic (albino). We should have a lot of exciting hatchlings to offer later this year.

Our knobtails are also doing well, and we have had a good (winter) season breeding Nephrurus deleani. I had a few female deleani that started laying eggs in the late fall when I was ready to cool all my knobtails. I didn't cool them and they did very well laying eggs each month over the winter (and are still laying eggs now). Our levis and wheeleri females all started laying eggs this past week, and our first eggs from our amyae should be coming soon.

Leopard gecko projects are also looking great this year. If all goes well I will start selling Bell Blazing Blizzards later this year, and I we should have one or two other new morphs to sell later this year. Sorry, no hints! :)

Here are a couple photos of some awesome new breeders we are adding to our groups this year.

The male to the right is the reddest SHT we have ever hatched, and should produce some awesome babies! We are also using him to brighten our Bell Sunglows and Rainwater Sunglows. You can see how red he is by comparing the color on the body and head to the color on the tail.
I just love the orange jungle patterning on this Tremper Enigma! We hatched him from one of our Sykes Emerine projects.

I'll be at the Herp World Expo show this coming weekend in San Mateo. Hope to see you there! Check out the shows page on our website for more details.

3/7/10 - I posted 44 new geckos to the available pages. The new geckos include Super Giant, Giant Snow Albino het RAPTOR, Giant Snow (het albino) het RAPTOR, Giant Snow Eclipse, Super Giant Het RAPTOR, Super Hypo Tangerines, Snow Bells, Super Snow Bell, Snow Tremper Albinos, Bold Stripe, Bold Stripe Snows, Bell Albinos, Super Snow Blizzards , Enigma Super Snow Tremper Albino, Super Snows, RAPTOR, Super Snow Enigma, Bell Sunglow Enigma, Blizzards, a High Yellow, Tremper Sunglows. and a het albino African Fat Tail.

3/5/10 - I have been updating the website over the last few days with a few new geckos each day, and I just finished posting the final geckos for this update. There are a total of 33 new geckos posted in this update. The new geckos include Snow RAPTORs, RAPTOR, Radar Het, Enigmas, Red Stripes, Giant Albinos, Snow Blizzard, Blizzard, Super Hypo Tangerines, Wild Caught Bloodline E. macularius macularis, Tremper Albinos, Super Snows, Snow Ghosts, Blazing Blizzard, Bell Albinos, Tangerine Tornado, Diablo Blanco, RAPTOR Het Diablo Blanco, Bell Albinos, and a Bell Sunglow.

The Hamm show is approaching quickly, but there is still time to place an order for Hamm.

2/23/10 - In addition to reptiles, I am also interested in carnivorous plants, specifically American Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia). Over the years I have amassed a fantastic collection of all species, and many spectacular hybrids. We usually sell divisions of the more common species of carnivorous plants at reptile shows, and the harder to find cultivars are sold at carnivorous plant society meetings, or traded to get some new plants.

This is the time of the year that we are transplanting our plants and we have new divisions to offer for sale, including some of the rare cultivars that sell quickly! Here is our growlist with prices and current availability. Grow List Link More plants will be added to the list as we continue to divide our collection. Let us know if you are interested in any plants on the list with no price listed. We can check our collection for current availability. It is possible that divisions may be available but we haven't divided that clone yet.

We are able to ship them within the United States only, no exceptions. Protected species (oreophila, rubra jonesii, and rubra alabamensis) can only be shipped within California.

You can see more photos of various species and hybrids of American Pitcher Plants on this page: Sarracenia Photo Finder

2/19/10 - I finished part two of my update, and added 40 new geckos to the available pages. The new ones include African Fat Tail geckos, Enigmas, Bell Sunglow Enigmas, Red Stripe Enigmas, Bell Albinos, Radar, RAPTORs, Super Hypo Tangerines, High Yellows, Snow Tremper Enigma het RAPTOR, Bold Stripes, Giant Albino Het Diablo Blanco, Giant RAPTOR, Tremper Sunglows, Snow RAPTORs, and Bold Stripe Enigmas.

I have started taking photos for the next update, and will be posting new ones soon.

2/8/10 - Seventy-eight new geckos were added to the available pages. The new geckos include Nephrurus amyae, levis, and wheeleri, RAPTORs, Eclipses, Eclipse Het, RAPTOR het Diablo Blanco, APTOR, Wild Caught Bloodline leopard geckos, Super Snows, Bold Stripe Snows, Bell Albinos, Super Giant Eclipse, Super Giant het RAPTOR, Enigmas, Bell Albino Enigmas, Snow Blizzards, Super Snow Blizzard, Snow Bells, Blizzards, Mack Snows, Tremper Albino Enigma het RAPTOR , Snow RAPTORs, Snow Ghost, Super Hypo Tangerines, Tremper Sunglows, Bell Sunglow, Tremper Albino, and a Rainwater Albino.

This update was Part 1 of this update. I have more to post for sale soon.

1/27/10 - A total of 65 new geckos were added to the available pages. The new geckos include Super Giants, Giant RAPTORs, Patternless Albino, Snow Enigma Tremper Albino Het RAPTOR, Super Hypo Tangerines, Snow RAPTORs, Bell Albino, RAPTORs, Red Stripes, Bold Stripe Snows, Bold Stripe, Diablo Blancos, RAPTORs het Diablo Blanco, Albinos het Diablo Blanco, Mack Snows, Red Stripe Enigma, Eclipse, Blizzards, Super Snow Tremper Albino, Snow Enigma, Enigma from the Wild Caught Bloodline, NOVA, Enigma, Patternless, Rainwater Albino, and a Tremper Albino.

I have already taken 30 photos of new geckos for the next update, and will be taking more photos later today. The new geckos in the next update will include Knobtail Geckos and Leopard Geckos.

Our son Andrew is doing well and is now 7 weeks old and over 10 pounds. He just started to smile, and I finally captured his smiles on camera. He is a cute little guy! :) The funny thing is that he looks exactly like I did when I was his age!

1/20/10 - Fifteen new geckos were posted to the available pages. The new ones include a Super Giant APTOR het RAPTOR, a Super Giant RAPTOR het Diablo Blanco, a Red Stripe male, Dreamsickle, Snow Blizzard, Giant Snow Tremper Albino, Super Giant Snow Tremper Albino, and some RAPTORs. I am taking photos now for the next website update. I will have the new geckos posted soon.

I also posted a new page with some available Fat Tail Geckos. Here is the link to the page: Link These are some nice adult albino Fat Tails (hatched in 2009). We have been putting together a great group of fat tails over the last few years, and will hopefully have some really cool ones available this year (never count your eggs before they hatch!). We are working with White Outs, Caramel Albinos, Ghosts, Oreos (axanthic), Patternless, and Albinos.

1/7/10 - A total of 83 new geckos were posted to the available pages over the last few days. The new geckos include Enigmas, Nova, Bold Stripes, Bold Stripe Snows, Tremper Sunglows, Super Snow Tremper Albinos, Enigma Snow Trempers, Bell Albino Enigmas, Snow Bell Enigma, Super Hypo Tangerines, Rainwater Albino, RADAR hets, a Snow Het RADAR, APTORs, Blizzards, Giant Albinos, Snow Tremper Albinos, Blazing Blizzards, Patternless Enigma het RW Albino, Patternless, Super Snow Rainwater Albino, RAPTOR Hets, Snow RAPTOR, and Bell Albinos.

We will be vending at the Reptile Super Show in Pomona, California this weekend. I am busy packing geckos now and getting ready for the show. I hope to see you there! Next week I will be taking more photos of available geckos and I should have another update posted soon.

1/1/10 - Happy New Year everyone!

I added a few odds and ends to the available pages today including some really cool geckos! The new geckos include a giant eclipse enigma (het RAPTOR), Red Spotted Enigma (from Red Stripe Enigma project), Giant Snow Trempers het RAPTOR, Bold Stripe Snows, Snow Albinos het RAPTOR, Super Snow, a Reverse Striped Tangerine Tremper Albino male, and a normal.

I also added a new page to my available pages with geckos priced $150 or less. Here is the link to that page: Geckos Priced $150 or Less

Our 2010 breeding season has already started, and the first eggs have already been laid. We are looking forward to a fantastic breeding season in 2010, with lots of very special leopard geckos, fat tailed geckos, knobtail geckos, and western hognose snakes. We will be posting the first of our fat tailed geckos for sale soon.

I am working on an update now, and should have more new geckos posted in a few days.


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