Geckos Etc. 2016 News


8/24/2016 - Ninety-six new geckos were added to the available pages. There are a lot of really awesome and rare types animals in this update. Here are a few of my favorites:




White and Yellow Rainwater Albino, Het Typhoon Male - WYRWHTYM2777

Tangerine Rainwater Albino Enigma Female - RRSENF6303
Super Giant Emerine Leopard Gecko Female - SGEMF2935





Snow White Knight Female - SWKF2438

Jungle Emerine Female - EMF12922
Super Snow Bell Albino Enigma Female - ESSBF8140

7/25/2016 - Whew, what a busy time of the year! I haven't announced here that I have been posting new animals to the website recently, but I have been busy posting new ones. A total of 159 new animals have been posted to the available pages in multiple updates posted over the last month. I will be posting more new ones soon, even as early as tomorrow! The new ones include Leopard Geckos, Fat Tail Geckos, and Western Hognose Snakes.

5/4/2016 - Sixty-seven new animals were added to the available pages. Here are a few of our favorites from these updates:



Sunglow Radar Male - RDM1233
Super Radar Male - SURDM1170 - He's 98g!
Bandit Male - BTM9264




Blood Hypo Male - BHTM6430
Red/Extreme Red Superconda Male - SACHM276 - Ready to Breed!
Extreme Red Albino Female - AHF24

Steve just returned from a trip to Asia to visit with some our friends and customers in Japan and Hong Kong. It was a great trip and he had a lot of fun. Now that he has returned there will be a lot more geckos and snakes posted to the available pages in the coming weeks.

3/23/2016 - It is a busy time here! Baby leopard geckos and fat tails have started hatching. We are looking forward to a great year! A total of 104 new geckos and snakes have been added to the available pages.

2/25/2016 - A total of 123 new geckos were added to the website recently. Check them out!

2/8/2016 - I often say that the wintertime is the "slow" time of the year, but to be honest there never seems to be a slow time as a reptile breeder! Although it is a slow time for hatching babies, we are super busy right now getting our breeders warmed up from their winter cool down, and selecting new breeders. Our Fat Tail Geckos are already breeding and laying eggs and Leopard Geckos are just starting their breeding season. Our Knobtail Geckos and Western Hognose Snakes are still being cooled, but they will be warmed up soon.

Despite this busyness, a total of 108 new geckos and snakes were added to the website in multiple updates posted recently. More new ones are coming soon!

1/1/2016 - Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a great year in 2016! This should be a very exciting time year for our projects at Geckos Etc. We are especially excited about our Lemon Frost project, and the new morph combinations that will be possible in the future using this gene.

Be sure to come see us at the Reptile Super Show in Pomona on January 9-10. We will have lots of great animals to offer at the show from all the species that we work with.

A total of 148 new geckos and snakes have been posted to the website in updates posted recently. Be sure to check them out!


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