What Our Customers are Saying - 2009

Below are some comments our customers are saying about us and our geckos from 2009. If you have a comment that you would like to share about our geckos or customer service, please email it to us. Here is the link to send us an email: Email Link

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Hello Steve,

I bought a Blizzard female from you and just wanted to let you know she is doing well. She looks great. She is very healthy and getting along with my male wonderfully.

A.B., Pennsylvania 12/29/2009

I recieved the Snow Raptor! Everything went well! He looks awesome and when I hold him in my hand he feels like a very strong animal! Did you make muscle workout with him? I really think I can feel his strong body under my hand! A very nice animal! This was my fourth order from you and I'm still of the opinion that you have the strongest and finest animals!

I can say it every time, you have the BEST Geckos! That's fact!

A.V., Germany 12/22/2009

I know its been a week since Hamm, but I've only had the leos delivered to me so I thought I would just send a thank you email, their both stunning as normal so I'm very happy. I'm starting to put some money under the matress whenever I can now so I can get some more from you in March.

T.A. United Kingdom 12/22/2009

Just wanted to let you know everyone arrived safely. These geckos are just adorable!

A.C., California 12/17/2009

Steve, I received the shipment today and what a Christmas present I bought myself. The Super HYPO Tangerine female is absolutely gorgeous with so much rich color. The tail is amazing. I know for sure that your pics on your website are exactly what you are going to get when anyone buys from you. Thanks for breeding such a wonderful Tangerines, don't stop what you are doing with Leopard Geckos.

John of JB Leopard Geckos, Utah 12/17/2009

I already have my geckos from you. They are really fantastic!! It's amazing that after so many miles they are so active and healthy. The female has already eaten without problem. I'm very happy with them.

It´s a pleasure for me to buy your geckos..Thanks!!

S.N. Spain 12/15/2009

Hi Steve,

Wow that male RAPTOR I got from you is really big one! Very nice coloured and tame. Couldn't hoped more! Thanks! (you happen to have smilarly coloured and sized female there? hehe)

J.M. Finland 12/15/2009

Hello Steve,

Thanks a lot for this perfect transaction. The gecko is wonderful!

R. P. Belgium 12/15/2009

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the awesome animals, they are great:)

M.H. Poland 12/15/2009

Hello Steve,

The Mack Snow Tremper Enigma lady is beautiful. Thanks for it. It is also healthy. :) Makes happy me. Hope we see again us to the next Hamm fair.

P. Germany 12/15/2009

...All of the geckos I have purchased from you have turned out amazing.

J.J. Michigan 12/9/2009


They got here safe and sound this morning, they look awesome and are nice and fat! Thanks for the great geckos and being flexible with my payment plan!

K.S. Montana 11/18/2009

Hi Steve,

I purchased a Female Blizzard Leopard Gecko from you very early this past spring, she is doing very well. She has grown to 86 grams and is the healthiest eater out of all of mine. As well she does very well with riding around on my shirt and hanging out in my room.

W.L., Tennessee 11/11/2009

Thank you Steve! I am happy with all the animals I have acquired from you. They are all beautiful and great. My first female I've gotten from you has been laying a ton of eggs too.

N.V., California 11/10/2009

Hi Steve,

I returned from the airport. It went well smoothly. Geckos are very energetic! And, they are very wonderful!

They are wonderful quality. I was especially surprised at the size. Every time, your gecko's body is wonderful.

I'm very satisfied. And, I also think my customer to be satisfied. I want to buy the geckos from you again in the near future.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

M.N., Japan 11/5/2009

Hi Steve,

The geckos arrived in good health. My daughter and I love them !! We're looking forward to buying some more in the near future. Thanks!

J.A and Z.A., Colorado 11/3/2009

Must say the RAPTOR I bought from you at the September 2007 Hamm show has produced some amazing offspring, very happy with her!

All the best,

J., United Kingdom 10/27/2009

Steve, the gecko arrived safe and sound and he's BEE-U-TEE-FUL! Thank you so much...

S.J., Texas 10/8/2009

Steve, I am very pleased with each and every purchase I have made from you. And that is the reason I am a repeat customer. I would not mind to repeat even more in the near future, if my resources permit. The quality of your animals is A++. No contest and hands down! And from your bloodlines, I managed to produce nothing else except more quality animals that are A++. As a result, my customers are happy everytime they make a purchase from me. And I am happy by just seeing them happy with their purchases. Nothing is more satisfying to me than to see smiles on people's faces, knowing that by the end of the day, I managed to make them happy. :)

You are also very knowlegeable, humble, and professional in what you do. You are the best person I have known and bought reptiles from so far. Apart from just being a breeder and a supplier, you are also a great friend and a mentor. The sharing of knowledge and experience I have received so far explains it all. I have learned a lot from you. I salute you greatly for taking the time to entertain my questions and requests over the past few months. You have inspired and taught me a lot. And I am glad I got to know you. If there is a person I idolized, it would be none other than you.

Some would say it's the animals that sells. Some would say it's the breeder that sells. But judging by the way you do things, I would say both you and your animals sell. And that is the basis on how I do things now.

Keep up the great work Steve! All the best!

F.K., Malaysia 9/22/2009

I need to tell you that I'm delighted with the geckos I purchased from you: they are exactly what I was expecting and even more!! For sure I would recommend you.

- V.G., Switzerland 9/14/2009

I just want to thank you for the awesome Nephrurus amyae you sold me, and for your friendliness and kindness. It was a pleasure for me to meet you and speak with you.

- O.M., Spain 9/14/2009

The gecko was on time, and its beautiful! I'm very pleased. Thank you, everything was perfect.

R.J., Florida 9/9/2009

The geckos arrived safely, they are so beautiful and all of us were surprised that they are so big!

- C.V., Hong Kong 8/30/2009

I just wanted to let you know that the gecko got here safely this morning and is doing well. She looks even nicer in person than in the pictures!

- M.D., New Jersey 8/26/2009

Steve, we have our geckos, so far they are doing great .... THANKS SO MUCH... WE LOVE THEM.....

- B.D., South Carolina 8/26/2009

She arrived safe and sound. What a beauty!

- D.B., Oklahoma 8/26/2009

I bought from you some geckos two years ago. I'm very happy about them they are healthy and good breeders.

- O. A. - France 8/17/2009

I have received wonderful, healthy, stunning animals from you in the two years that I have been a customer, and will watch your newest additions to GeckosEtc with great interest so that I can make another purchase soon.

And thanks for keeping such great track of the weather (to determine the best time to ship a gecko). Your concern for your animals is refreshing when some others have abandoned that aspect of breeding and caring for these creatures.

- S.C. - Texas 8/17/2009

Steve is a person very cool and so available. He has geckos of any beauty and in good health, I am always very satisfied with my purchases at Steve. I buy most of my geckos at Steve because I am never disappointed. Steve astonishes us every year with new morphs and very good work with his geckos. Thank you with you Steve for all that! I love Steve lol!

- Annegaelle - Belgium (but french) 08/14/2009

Can I take the opportunity to say what wonderful geckos you breed. Definitely some of the best in the world, and I'll have to put an order in....

- S., United Kingdom 6/8/2009

...if you have some more available that aren't listed yet, let us know - we absolutely want the geckos from you, your geckos are simply the best :)

- C.H., Germany 5/3/2009

...I would also like to thank you because every time I get geckos from you it is always great. Keep up the good work and good luck with your Blazing Bell eggs!

- J. T., Pennsylvania 4/28/2009

I just wanted to let you know that we received your shipment and all of the geckos are incredible!! I am very, very pleased with them. Thank you again.

- C.S., Canada 4/15/2009

Just wanna say thx for your great animals. So thanks a lot and every time again!!!!

-D.G, Germany 4/2/2009

I am very pleased with my most recent purchases from you. The two pair that Cameron got from you are gorgeous geckos. We both have the greatest respect for you and what you have done for the Leopard Gecko world in breeding such outstanding Leos. What else we appreciate is how approachable you are and the time you take for other breeders like us.

J.B., Utah 3/23/2009

...Again, thanks for perfect gecko =)

J.M., Finland 3/22/2009

...You are such a helpful breeder; Hope I can see you again; Anyway, I will recommend you in our local herp groups.

KK, Hong Kong 3/21/2009

...I also have not come across any breeder giving the service you do, and have full faith in you as a breeder, and will continue to support you in any way I can.

T.G., United Kingdom 3/20/2009

...And Steve, YOU ARE THE BEST, You have definitely the best, and wonderful geckos of the World!

A.V., Germany 3/19/2009

I would like to say that you have bred some beautiful geckos!!!

L.W., 3/16/2009

I think you have the nicest amyae I have seen.

T.M., Sweden 3/7/2009

This is a nice deal from you. Your geckos are very nice. We look forward to the beautiful geckos very much.

A.D., Switzerland 3/6/2009

First and foremost, great beautiful site you have there!! Really appreciate the wide variety of geckos that are available for sale!

K.S., Malaysia 3/6/2009

The RAPTORs look AMAZING! Thanks so much and have a great day.

M.S., Florida 2/26/2009

Steve, Just want to take time today and let you know how pleased I am with both of the Enigmas that I have received from you. Had a couple of gecko breeders over last night to show them my new additions and the were amazed in the color of both. I am looking forward to some exciting things regarding the pair I now have. Thanks to you for all the time and effort that you and your wife have put into the Leopard Geckos. By doing that you have given so much excitement to breeders like me. Thanks!

J.B., Utah 2/20/2009

I've talked to some breeders at a show last week and they told me they really like your geckos because they are good looking, healthy, and you're a nice guy.

B.A., Germany 2/16/2009

The reason why I'm a repeating customer is actually very logical. First of all I have a very good feeling about you as a person and second you deliver very nice work. People say: quality has his price and that's the truth.

S.L, Belgium 2/16/2009