What Our Customers are Saying - 2010

Below are some comments our customers are saying about us and our geckos. If you have a comment that you would like to share about our geckos or customer service, please email it to us. Here is the link to send us an email: Email Link

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Hi Steve

Just thought I would let you know that the geckos made it here. They look great couldn't be any happier. Once again thank you its been a pleasure doing buisness with you I'm sure we will be doing more in the future.

F.G., Rhode Island 12/30/2010

I was just letting you know that the gecko arrived safely and she looks very healthy. I just wanted to thank you for making this all very easy and getting the gecko here safely. She seems to be adapting well to her new tank and my other leopard gecko.

B.M., Illinois 12/30/2010

Got my gecko's at 10:50am they look great Steve.The CB wild caught blood line, super cool looking gecko.These guy's are 100% Grade A Plus gecko for sure.Thank's allot Steve, i'll be buying more from you that's a fact, your friend J.T.  :>)

J.T., Illinois 12/30/2010

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to thank you again for everything. You sure produce some beautiful geckos!!!! I can't wait to get some more cool stuff from you. I am not sure what next, but probably some fattails. I will be in touch when we are ready to get a new project going. I appreciate everything and it is always a pleasure to talk with you and definitely a pleasure to do business with. Thanks!!!! Talk to you soon. Have a wonderful New Year. Thanks so much and please take care.

P.B., Pennsylvania 12/30/2010

Hi Steve,

The geckos just arrived, and look great!  Thanks!

K.K., Colorado 12/28/2010

I know I am always getting ultra nice animals from you, so I like getting my stuff from you : )

P.B., Pennsylvania 12/26/2010

Hi Steve,

First of all thanks for the leo that I made to pick up to Hamm: They did not disappoint my expectations :-). I hope I can meet you in person next year.

S., Italy 12/23/2010

Hello Steve,

I recieve my geckos last week. Everything go well!

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,

H.J., France 12/20/2010

Hi Steve,

Thanks again for superb geckos, I can always trust that I get what I order! They're just awesome.


J.M., Finland 12/19/2010

Hi Steve,

I'm very happy.

The geckos arrived perfectly and since yesterday afternoon, are installed on their boxes. They are very nice and are very healthy and strong. Congratulations and thank you very much!

I should have booked several more females. : ( : ( : ( Throughout the exhibition, no one had examples like yours. They are spectacular geckos!


J.B., Spain 12/14/2010

Hi Steve,

Everything is going well. The geckos, as always, are sooooo wonderful. That´s what I´m used to... Beautiful and strong animals from you. The Radar is in real much more amazing than on the Pic. Also equally the Bell Blizzard.

A.V.,Germany, 12/13/2010

Hi Steve,

The gecko is well, and I am very happy!

J and A, France, 12/13/2010

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for this nice gecko, I love her.

M.K., Germany 12/11/2010

Dear Steve,

All animals arrived in perfect conditions. I am very happy to have these excellent amyaes. There are many type of color, especially in juveniles.  I am very satisfied. Thanks for your lot of kinds. I will order again near the future. I am looking forward to have a business chance with you in soon.


T.K., Japan 12/3/2010

He got here fine and is even more amazing than the picture. Exactly what I was looking for.

R.J., California 12/1/2010

Got um. Thank you. They are awsome.

J.H., Missouri 11/23/2010

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the geckos and they are doing great. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to take their pics for your website but they really don't do these geckos any justice. They are much more than I expected. I'm glad I did my research and decided to get them from you. Keep on doing a great job and I cannot wait to see what I get from these. Thank you again for all your help and some beautiful geckos. Looking forward to doing future business with you.

F.G., Rhode Island 11/18/2010


She arrived today in good health. She is beautiful.

Thank you,

J.S., California 11/11/2010

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that I got the gecko in today as planned. She looks great! Size, color, everything is awesome. Thank you for such a smooth, pleasant transaction and I will be ordering from you again in the future!

Thanks Again,

M.B., Pennsylvania 11/10/2010

Hi Steve,

I just thought I would let you know I got my two geckos earlier today and they look great. They are definitely bigger than expected but very good looking with nice fat tails. Thanks so much. I will definitely be getting more geckos from you in the future.

K.D., Connecticut 11/9/2010

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the amyae pair. I could not be more pleased with this transaction from start to finish, and I look forward to hopefully buying some asper off you this up coming Spring/Summer.

Thanks again,

Very happy customer!!

J.G., Canada 11/5/2010

She has arrived Steve.   And such a BIG pretty girl she is.  Stunning, such lightly colored hypnotic eyes.  You can tell I like her, lol.   Very pleased indeed, once again.

E.P., New Jersey 11/2/2010

Steve, keep on producing...because... I will keep on buying. This is because I love quality! :)

F.K., Malaysia 11/2/2010

Hi Steve,

The geckos landed that evening. They are amazing really GOOD condition and excellent colors.

The Gecko's are fantastic and they are doing very well.

Thanks again for everything.

H.K., South Africa 10/30/2010

Hi Steve,

Got shipment of your gecko. All come perfect, thanks for nice shipment.

B., Indonesia, 10/29/2010

Hello Steve,

I received them all yesterday! They are all in good shape and look pretty active...

Thanks for your advices and I definitely will shop with you again! Please keep me updated! I would love to know if any other pretty fat-tails are coming.

Thanks again,

J.C., Hong Kong 10/29/2010

Hello Steve,

The Geckos arrived safe and sound.  Thank you very much, they all look great.  Very happy, good job.

C.C., California 10/28/2010

I will buy from you again, am very satisfied with your leopardgeckos!!!

M.L., Germany 10/24/2010

Hi Steve,

I have received the gecko. He's bigger than on the photo on your website. Very nice! Thanks!

W., Indonesia 10/24/2010

Received as described. I am impressed with the Gecko, your service and depth of assortment! Total pleasure!!! Love her already!

Thank you!

T.G., Florida 10/14/2010

Hi Steve

Geckos came in good shape and i just finish the settling. I like the SS Bell Enigma very much! She is so beautiful with slight spots. Your SSBE are the nicest I've ever seen.

C.V., Hong Kong 10/10/2010


The geckos arrived at 10 o'clock safe and sound.  They are beautiful and I absolutely love them!  Thank you very much!

K.H., Oregon 10/5/2010

The following email was received from the same customer on 10/8/2010:

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to let you know I offered the girls crickets yesterday and within a minute one of girls came out of her hide and caught a cricket.  Within a couple minutes the second girl came out to catch her own crickets.  I guess that means they are comfortable in their new home, or just hungry.  But either way I am immensly happy with them. :)

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that the Geckos arrived safely and look amazing.Thanks for making this whole transaction so easy and smooth.

D.J., California 10/5/2010

Thank you for this really nice looking Fattail Male.

M.M., Germany 9/27/2010

Hi Steve, just to let you know that the animals arrive alive and well. The leos are huge LOL!!!

F.K., Malaysia 9/25/2010

Hey Steve, I received my girl  (Yeti) and shes very pretty!

Thank you

E.P., New Jersey 9/15/2010

Hello, I received this morning the geckos, they are perfect thank you very much!

A pleasure to do business with you :)

Good continuation

O.D., France 9/15/2010


All I can say is that I really love the geckos I got. They are so much prettier in person than in the pictures. They are finally coming around to me handling them! They are such interesting little guys. My kids were so excited when I got them in and they want to learn everything they possibly can about them. I think it might be the start of a life filled with reptiles for pets. Again, thank you for everything.

I will recommend you to anyone that asks where they can get leopard geckos from for a reasonable price. You have been a pleasure to do business with.

C.G., New Mexico 9/13/2010

Hi Steve

Red Stripe male arrive safely today, thank you so much he is beautiful. I will be keeping an eye on your site for a super snow tremper (female) for the next Hamm show.


E.E. United Kindgom 9/13/2010

Hi Steve just wanted to say I received the geckos today and they are awesome as always! Thank you once again.


S.A. United Kingdom 9/12/2010

Hi Steve!

Made up with the gecko I purchased from you! Will definately be looking to purchase more in December. Please let me know if you update the Giants page. Will  be checking periodically though either way! Cheers!

S.N., United Kingdom 9/12/2010 

Hi Steve,

I get my male he´s very great thanks


S.T., Germany 9/11/2010

Hey there!

I just wanted to let you know that our little gal arrived safe and sound this morning. She's settling in and exploring now, my husband is going to love her. Thanks again so much, we hope to do more business with Geckos Etc. in the future!

T.A. Virginia 9/2/10

Hi Steve,

The geckos arrived this morning at 9 am. They look great! Even better than the pictures. I may be in touch in the future for more ;).
Thanks again,

D.K., Texas, 9/1/2010

Thank you very much Steve, I'm very glad with my decision of doing business you. They are beautiful & after all the looking at them from a top sided view, its really cool to finally see their faces. I'll be in touch.

P.D., New York 8/30/10

Thanks a lot for the group Steve. They arrived shortly before 10am and have just been put away into their tubs. I'm really glad i went ahead and got the regen tail female as well because the orange spotting on her is just awsome! The male definately stands out far more in person as well! I can't wait to see the outcome of the offspring this group will throw for me! Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business in the future.

M.S., Virginia 8/30/10

Hi Steve,

I bought a Male Snow Bell from you today. You do have a lot of absolutely gorgeous geckos. I wish I had brought more money today!

Thank you so much Steve...

Talk soon,

C., California 8/9/10

Dear Steve,

I am very happy to inform you that I have received the 5 Leos and 1 AFT in safe condition. The 5 Leos are looking very healthy and robust. Very pleased with them. If you do no mind, can you tell me the secret to getting the Leos so plump and robust? (other than selectively breeding the larger sized geckos) Again, thank you for your lovely geckos.


J.T., Malaysia 8/8/10

OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS he is one FINE looking dude for sure Steve, heheheehe! If I was a girl gecko I would be GOO- GOO - EYED for him, hahahaa. He is really super nice looking Steve.

Thanks again, I love him,

E.P., New Jersey 8/4/2010

Hi Steve,

Our handsome boy arrived early today in super shape. He's investigating his new home as we speak.

Love your lizards and the fab service!


K.L., Ohio 8/4/2010

Thank you Steve!

The geckos got here yesterday at 10:00 AM and are beautiful. They are settling in to their tanks now. Thank you again!

J.L. Washington 7/31/2010


Just wanted to message you and let you know we recieved the geckos this morning and they are settling in. I will keep you posted on how they do. They came with no incident and looked perfect. I have to say, they are so much nicer in person. Thanks for everything!! Thanks so much and please take care.

P.B., Pennsylvania 7/27/2010

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to let you know that the gecko arrived safe and sound. Thank you for such a wonderful and beautiful gecko and such great service!

Thank You.

M. and A. U., Illinois 7/15/2010

Hi Steve,

The geckos have arrived safely, they are beautiful and healthy ! And now I let them rest quietly.Thank you!


C.V., Hong Kong, 6/20/2010


The gecko arrived today, handsome and healthy, thank you soo much. " Tank " is robust and a great addition, thank you so much again!

V.V., Connecticut 6/16/2010

Hi Steve,

The delivery went great and working with the courier was great. I am pleased with all the geckos and they all arrived safely. The Godzilla girls are lovely and so are all the rest.


S.H. United Kingdom 6/10/10

Hi Steve,

We received the geckos and they are very, very beautiful. Everything went fine and they arrived very well in Switzerland . Thank you very much. Greetings from Switzerland

D and T, Switzerland 6/10/10

I just want to tell you that the Geckos are now arrived. The Male is AWESOME. Damn they are both very very beautiful. I can say it again, YOU HAVE THE BEST GECKOS. The peppiness that the Geckos have after you pick them from the shipping boxes to the cages is an feeling that i feel only by your Geckos. ( Steroids, I'm sure you use something like that :) Thank you very very much for your trust in me and the business that we do.

A.V., Germany 6/9/2010

Hi Steve,

Today our Geckos arrived in very good condition. Thank you for the good service. The Geckos are very nice!


N.W., Germany 6/9/2010

We received the male SunGlow
It is truly beautiful :-)
Thank you very much ;-)

A.G., Belgium, 6/7/2010

She got here safe and sound. She looks awesome, nice big girl and ovulating. Thanks again Steve.
Respectfully Submitted,

Z.S., Washington 6/3/2010

Hi Steve,

He just arrived! He's safe and looks terrific, what a big boy!

A.R., California 5/26/10

They arrived alive and healthy as can be. They are exploring around, very funny to watch them explore. Thanks for the great Geckos.

T.B., Tennessee 5/19/2010


Got them.......very nice!!!!! I like the big ones.

A.A. Alabama 5/19/2010

Hey Steve,

Just got him, he is healthy and happy. Even nicer than the picture. Thank you very much. Nice instruction sheet that you enclosed. VERY HAPPY, nice doing business with you.

C.C., California 5/14/2010

Hi Steve,

That boy made it fine. He is really nice and super friendly. I can always tell a good gecko breeder when the animals are healthy looking and also calm and docile right out of the box…..

Thanks for adding some great animals to my collection.

R.R., Colorado 5/11/2010

Hi Steve,

The geckos arrived safe and sound, and are all set up in their new home. They are gorgeous, and I'm so excited to have them! Thank you for a great transaction - I look forward to doing business with you again.

J.R. Arkansas 4/27/2010

Hi Steve! I am so thrilled with my last purchase from you that I wanted to come back to see if you again have what I'm looking for......... All three geckos I purchased from you are doing fantastic and the two females have started their egg laying! Thanks again!

B.T., Florida 4/22/2010

She arrived this morning. Thank you for such a beautiful gecko. She was active to start and now is in the hide. Thanks again I hope to buy another one from you in the future.

P.R., Minnesota 4/21/2010

Hi Steve,

Just got my enigma leo today, he is awsome thank you so much for everything, he is a very nice enigma. I will see you at the show in Anaheim, thanks again.

M.B., California 4/15/2010


Just want to thank you again for the geckos. I appreciate the quality of these animals (knobtail geckos). I look forward to dealing with you again.


M.P., California 4/11/2010


Just a note to tell you we received the Gecko today and he is doing great! My son is thrilled.

Thanks again.

P.S., Arizona 3/31/2010

Hi Steve,

I put away the geckos at our store and they are amazing. Thanks so much. That male is going to be enormous! The bold snow girl is awesome. We already named her Babydoll….my wife wants her for her own pet at home, so we need to negotiate that since we have all males at home now! I love that female. Nice work on those!

These are two of the very best acquisitions we've ever made for our collection! We are thrilled that you provided such outstanding animals for us!

Feel free to use any of this as an endorsement.

Best wishes,

R.R., Colorado 3/31/2010

Hello he arrived at 11:30 am and he is awesome very active so happy thank you!

J.M., Wyoming 3/30/2010

Hey Steve,

Got the animals today and they are Awesome.


D.S., New Jersey 3/30/2010

The girls are here, and arrived perfectly :-) Thanks a lot man. I look forward to seeing what new stuff you got, have a good day.

R.A., Virginia 3/24/2010

Steve, she arrived at 11, looks great, very healthy girl (Nephrurus amyae).

A.S., Oregon 3/24/2010

I picked up my leos from ____ yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with them, some of the biggest, calmest, healthiest looking geckos I have bought, and I look forward to buying from you again in the future!

Many thanks again,

J., United Kingdom 3/22/2010

Our gecko is very beautiful, yet still very shy right now, my girlfriend is Extremely happy with the purchase and she looks even better than your pictures showed. Thanks Steve, we are more happy customers!

D.Z., California 3/19/2010

Hi Steve,

They arrived this moring and are doing great. They are even better looking in person than pictured. It was a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to doing more in the future.

P.J., Massachusetts 3/18/2010

Today i got the Dreamsickle, OHHHH MY GOOOOOD, once again. One day I make out how you breed geckos like this, shes sooooo cuteeee, I want to say once again big big thanks for this business.

A.V., Germany 3/18/2010

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to say a big big thank you for my gorgeous 2 new leo's, they are beautiful and in the best of health, I've been amazed by the enigma's eye colouration, its simply out of this world!!!

I am sure I will be purchasing off you again.

Many Thanks,

C.M., United Kingdom 3/17/2010

Hi Steve,

Just thought I would send you a quick email to say I have the geckos. The geckos are great, my only dissapointment is that I didn't order more.

All the best,

A.W., United Kingdom 3/15/2010

Hi Steve

Thank you very much for the Nephrurus wheeleri. They are beautiful. We are impressed by the how quickly you dispatched the animals to us and the communication.

We appreciate what you have done for us and hope to do business with you again.


M.H. and K.B., United Kingdom 3/14/2010

Hey Steve,

Got him and he looks great! (Nephrurus amyae) Thanks again,

N.H. Louisiana 3/9/10

Thank you for the Mack Snow and the Blizzard Leo's. They look great, and are adjusting to their new home. Geckos Etc. Is a great breeder and Steve was happy to answer questions before and after the sale. Great experience!

-R.H., Oklahoma 3/9/10

Thank you for the Bell Albino, great condition and health.

J.T., Connecticut 3/3/2010


They arrived at about 9:15am. Thanks for the beautiful geckos and the great info and communication!! I'll probably be back for more geckos.

Thanks again Steve,

J.J., Illinois 3/2/2010

Thanks so much for the safe shipping. He arrived at 10 this morning, seemed quite calm when we put him in his new home. He ate a few crickets and then started to shed :) (Actually, that was quite cool for me as I'd never seen my son's other gecko shed and always wished I could see it!) My son is very happy and thinks he's a great looking gecko. Thanks!

K.M., South Dakota 2/25/10

Hey Steve! He just arrived here! He's beautiful and in perfect condition. A little pissed off from being in the box, but otherwise great! Thanks again so much.:)

M.G., Florida 2/25/10

She has arrived and she very curious about her new home. The's very vocal and active. I would like to commend you on your breeding. She's very attractive and colorful.

R.W., Connecticut 2/24/10

She arrived at 10:25am!! Kids are very excited! Thank you!

S.G., New York 2/24/2010


I received the shipment today and they all look better than expected!

Thank you,

T.K., Illinois 2/18/10

I just wanted to let you know that I got the geckos and they look great. Thank you again for the geckos, pictures, and info. You have been a big help and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

B.M., Oklahoma 2/18/2010

I bought two leopard geckos from Steve and have been very pleased from the start. The shipping was very quick and they were packaged safe and comfortable. When I received them, they were amazingly accurate to the pictures on the website. It has been a month now, and the girls are doing wonderful. I can tell they were properly cared for and I am very pleased from this experience. Definitely, if you are looking to buy a leopard gecko, Steve is the man!

J.S., Georgia 2/14/2010

The three leos just arrived safe and are settling into their new homes now. I have to say they are pretty online but in person they are simply stunning!!! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with.

My best regards,
B.T., Florida 2/2/2010

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the male SHTCT I purchased from you at the Pomona Reptile Expo. I can't wait until my female is ready to breed with him. Very excited to see what they will produce.


M.M. California 1/23/2010

I purchased a male RAPTOR and a female Blazzing Blizard from you last summer. She ended up laying 11 eggs and they're all healthy and doing great!

P.W. Washington 1/22/2010

I am very pleased with your animals and I am equally pleased with your customer service. Everyone eats very well on a regular basis.

N.J. Nevada 1/21/2010

Very prompt shipping, she arrived in good time, she's healthy looking, and ate some crickets as soon as she was in her new home! Your tips and advice are very helpful and I gotta say thank you so much for all your time and patience! Hope to be doing business with you in the future.

A.F., California 1/21/2010

They arrived at 9:18 AM on Tuesday morning in good condition. They seem to have traveled very well. They are as beautiful as we expected! We will keep an open eye on your website for new potential mates.

Best regards.

J.D., Missouri 1/19/2010

The giant female is doing well. She is already eating. She is so calm, unlike my other boy who is jumpy. Upon receiving her I only saw the tail. And I was like "Wow"! she's huge. I will always continue to do business with you. You are really professional. Wish ya the best. Have an awesome New Year. I will be calling you soon to buy a Male possible super giant.

D.R., Florida 1/18/2010


Thank you very much, I already pick them up (knobtail geckos), they are REALLY NICES!!!! Thank you!!! I wish in future I can buy more animals from you.

T, Hong Kong 1/17/2010

Hey Steve,

I received my geckos 2 day and they are beautiful and full of life. THANK YOU so much. I will be calling soon to place another order. THANK YOU again.

J.P., New Jersey 1/14/2010


I just received the Amyae 20 min ago and they look AWESOME!

Thanks again,

N.J., Nevada 1/14/2010

Hi Steve,

I just picked up the gecko from the UPS center this morning. Just wanted to let you know that he arrived, and looks healthy. Thanks again for your help!

K.N., California 1/13/2010