What Our Customers are Saying - 2011

Below are some comments our customers are saying about us and our geckos. If you have a comment that you would like to share about our geckos or customer service, please email it to us. Here is the link to send us an email: Email Link

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!


My girlfriend ordered me a Super Hypo Tangerine for Christmas. It was an amazing gift. From what she has explained, ordering was extremely easy. She and I can both attest to the outstanding customer service you have provided. The gecko came looking colorful and very healthy despite her travels. She quickly adapted to her environment and began eating within 2 weeks. Thank you so much! 

I would highly recommend this site to anyone who wants to buy a unique and beautiful gecko for a great price. I will definitely be referring my friends.


D.A., California 12/31/2011

The eagles have landed - or rather the geckos have. We have 2 very happy children - thank you so much!

Happy Holidays!

E.A., California 12/20/2011

Hi Steve

I picked my 3 geckos and they are very beautiful, thank you !
My friend is very pleased with her male !

Again, thank you !

Good luck


H., France, 12/11/2011


I got the gecko and she looks great and is huge. I have been holding her all day and she is very nice. You are a great guy and I will be doing business with you in the future.

Thank you.

M.J., Georgia, 12/10/2011

Hello Steve,

The two AFT's just arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much!

They're much bigger than I thought ;-0)

I think I'll get some more in the future :)

Have a nice day,

C.V., Illinois 12/6/2011

Hi Steve,

They have arrived, bright eyed and fantastic in person.  Those females look like hatchlings next to that male!  My first super giant male, I'm very excited.


K.K., Colorado 11/15/11

I received the geckos, they look great. Thank you.

R.P., Canada 11/9/11


Received my super snow today, what a beauty!!

Speak soon!

P.S., Hong Kong 10/29/2011

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to let you know I got the geckos today. They are awesome & healthy. You have the best geckos. :) Thank you again for the geckos,picture & info. You're very very very "NICE"!!!!!!! & Thanks for your patience!!!!! I will definitely be ordering from you again & again!!!!! haha~ :)

Best Regards,

E.W., Hong Kong 10/22/2011

Hi Steve!

She's here, gorgeous, and active.  Thanks so much!  Appreciate all your help!  Can't wait for the kids to get home to see her so we can start thinking of names.  She took right away to the moist hide - I expect she'll be there quite a bit while she adjusts.

J.H., Florida 10/18/2011

I got the gecko's today. I love them, they are beautiful. Thank you very much for everything. Your a great guy.       


S.W., Tennessee 10/12/2011

Hi Steve:) happy,

The red spotted enigma possible het bell albino het red stripe enigma came to my house safely this morning at 10:30:) happy.  The red spotted enigma is beautiful, I just love her. :) happy I couldn't be any happier with her:) happy. She is getting along with my male tangerine enigma het bell albino:) happy.  He is very happy now that he has a mate:) happy.  You picked a very nice one, and she is very calm, and doesn't bite:) happy. She loves to be held all the time in my hands:) happy.  She is one of my favorite enigmas :) happy.  She is very healthy :) happy.

Thanks Steve Sykes:) happy:) happy:) happy

P.S.: You did a good job wrapping up the box:) happy:) happy:) happy

C.W., New York 10/2/2011

Hi!  The geckos arrived and are resting comfortably in their containers in the reptile ward!!  They look happy n healthy!


B.S., Texas 9/27/2011


Hope you are having a great morning. The geckos are great - I am such a fan of the bold patterns! They are in fabulous condition!!!

Take care,

J.A., Kansas 9/27/2011

Hi Steve,

Just thought I'd let you know our little girl is safely here!! She is beautiful!! Can't thank you enough, her pictures didn't do her justice!! You have been great with your commuincation , I couldnt reccomend you enough to anybody. We have bought from ***** ******** in the past and they did not  keep in touch or make us feel like valued customers, but I can say that you have!!

Thanks again,

K.B., United Kingdom 9/18/2011


Amyae look great thanks again for everything

T.K., South Carolina 9/15/2011

Hi Steve,

A big thank you for the two geckos, they are very pretty and healthy.



L.E., France 9/13/2011

Hi Steve

Just thought I would drop you an email to say thank you so much for the stunning Diablo that we picked up from Hamm on Saturday.  My husband was surprised and speechless when I handed her to him.  She is settling in nicely back in the UK.  She is certainly a big girl at 66g!  She is very tame and likes coming out of her viv to have a wander around!.  She is a stunning and perfect example of a Diablo.

Once again thank you so much.

With kindest regards

S.C. United Kingdom 9/13/2011

Hello Steve,

I picked up all animals - all healthy and beautiful! Thank you very much for you help :)

A.M., Poland 9/12/2011

Hallo Steve,

Everything is going well, nice, nice Geckos ... amazing. All in perfect condition.

I hope I can order some other Geckos next time.

Many many thanks for the perfect business.

Best Regards from Germany, 

H.H., Germany 9/11/2011

Hi Steve,
Thank you for geckos, they are really very beautiful.
J.G., France 9/11/2011

Hello Steve,

I have the geckos, they are very beautiful I love it very thank you for this two animals:)


S.K., Germany 9/11/2011

Hi Steve,

They are great!!!


F.S., Poland 9/11/2011

Hi Steve!

Everything went very well. I would like to thank you again. I Love my Big Guy !!!

Best Regards,

M.B., Germany 9/10/2011

Hi Steve,

How are you? I hope that very well.

It's been 9 months since I bought three and I am pleased Eublepharis say they are very well. Remember that at first it was hard to eat, now eat great. The two females are beautiful and the Super Giant male is very large. I have to say that the male, is who would cost more to eat, but eat well. I have not yet bred, but I hope to do next season.

I think I did a very good buy. I have to take pictures and send them to you to see them.

Nothing more, I send you a big hug from Spain and I want you to be well you and your family.


J.B., Spain 9/7/2011

Awesome as always. Great geckos Steve.

Thank you,

J.H., Missouri, 9/1/2011

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the geckos they are awesome!

C.M., Canada 8/29/2011


Geckos arrived 9:30AM. They hit the ground running, none the worse for wear. Both just beautiful! Many, many thanks.

C.S., New York 8/18/2011

Hi Steve:) happy,

I just wanted to tell you that the female macksnow tremper albino het blizzard, het diablo blanco, and het raptor arrived safely at my house. She is just gorgeous, and she has perfect striping on her back:) happy.  I just love her a lot:) happy.  She is a big girl:) happy.  She is very docile, and she didn't mind me holding her:) happy.  She was very easy going with me.  I think she was happy to be in her new sterilite tub:) happy.  She did get along with my two other female leopard geckos:) happy:) happy:) happy.  She is just beautiful:) happy.  You did a fantastic job of making sure that the box was wrapped up good:) happy:) happy:) happy.

Thanks Steve:) happy:) happy:) happy

C.W., New York 8/16/2011

Hey Steve,

I got my gecko. I tried calling today but in case you're busy, I just wanted to let you know by email, she looks fantastic! She looks very pastel, if that makes any sense or might be going into shed but still very good colors very tangerine.Thank you Steve!I'll be sure to buy from you again!


E.D., California 8/16/2011

Hi Steve,

I've received the parcel yesterday night. I just got home and have checked on them today. They are all very cool looking and healthy animals. I am very satisfied and glad with the quality. Many thanks!

It is very nice working with you and thank you for so much help to have make it successful. I'll hope to work with you soon in the future.


C.P.H, Malaysia, 8/5/2011

Hi Steve,

She was delivered about an hour ago. She looks very healthy with her big tail. I will definitely buy more geckos from you.

Thanks again,

J.H., New York, 7/27/2011


All the geckos arrived and they are well, thank you very much. 

J.C., California 7/27/2011

Thanks again for the great looking gecko, the quality and color of your geckos is outstanding.

J.M., Arizona 7/23/2011

Hey I got her today at 930. She looks great and she's doing good...thank you.

S.C., New York 7/20/2011

Leos arrived safely.  My grandson was pleased when that large, badboy RAPTOR male popped out of that large deli cup. Looks like some Giant genes going on there. Is it? The RADAR hets looked great, too, and the Blazing Blizzards have improved since the last one gracing my tubs in 1998.

Thanks, Steve.

S.H., Texas 7/12/2011

Dear Steve,

The levis levis that I had buy last Hamm show in March does it really good. She is now 25gr and has a awesome color!

Thanks a lot!


Y.S., Germany 7/5/2011

Steve...they made it, and they look awesome.  My son and I just marveled at the male...the biggest we had ever held prior was maybe 60 grams...he is a beast.  I can't wait to see what these guys produce.


J.H., Indiana 6/30/2011

Thanks Steve. The 2.2 Nephrurus amyae are awsome. Best looking ones I've seen yet! Packing was great and customer service is fantastic as always. I look forward to future purchases from you.

J.L.H., St.Louis, Missouri 6/30/2011

Dear Steve,

My son's new gecko arrived SAFELY and healthy.  He is a very large lizard indeed.  He is just fine.  Thank you so very much.  He has a good home.  We have recommended your site to all his friends.  Thank you again.

B.W., Oregon 6/29/2011

Hello Steve,

Just wanted to say that I have heard from a handful of people, vendors and friends that your geckos looked beautiful, healthy, fat and happy!!! I just wanted to tell you this. I usually do not get any complaints after the show, but to receive all these compliments about your quality of animals is great news. Just wanted to share. Also I am serious about getting one for myself. No color preference, just looking for one that gets HUGE!!! I think they should put your animals pictures in the dictionary under Leopard Gecko!

Thank you for all your support and everything you bring to the Reptile Super Show!

Ramy Guirguis, Show Promoter for Reptile Super Show, California 6/24/11

All the animals you sent me are doing great and are perfect.

B.B., Florida 6/22/2011

Hey Steve,

I didn't have a chance on thanking you for the last order, all the geckos arrived safely and are amazing!


J.C., Texas 6/20/2011

The geckos arrived this morning in great shape. As always I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you again.

A.D., Arizona 6/15/2011

Hi there,

I bought one of your geckos for my husband's birthday a while back (She's doing great, fat and happy, a total diva).

If we ever have some extra money we'll totally be interested in another of yours, they're the prettiest geckos around.

Thank you,

T.A., Virginia 6/11/2011

Hi Steve,

The geckos arrived very well. They look even better than on the photos. Thank you!!!

Greetings and thank you again,

D.E., Belgium 6/4/2011

Just letting you know I received the gecko, Fedex came through!!

She is a great looking gecko, I am very impressed with your geckos!


B.M., Kansas 6/3/2011

Hi Steve.

She arrived today and I can say the pictures do no justice. Even better in person! Thanks and you will be hearing from me in the future. 

A.B., Louisiana 6/2/2011

Hi Steve Sykes:) happy,

Just wanted to to let you know that the female tangerine jungle albino female het for raptor came very safely to my house this morning at 10:30:) happy.  She is just gorgeous:) happy.  I love her carrot head and carrot tail:) happy, She is just perfect in every way:) happy.  I just love her colors a lot:) happy.  She was also nice and warm in the box:) happy. She was very calm when I took her out of her container:) happy. She wasn't fidgity at all:) happy, and let me hold her for a long time:) happy.  I just love her a lot:) happy.  She is the healthiest tangerine jungle albino that I ever saw:) happy.  She is big and healthy:) happy.  I couldn't be any happier with her:) happy.  Her colors are very vivid, which is very gorgeous:) happy.  You did a fantastic job getting her here safely at my house:) happy.  

Thanks Steve Sykes:) happy:) happy:) happy

P.S.: Again you guys did a fantastic job wrapping the box up very nicely, and making sure that there were no dents in the box:) happy:) happy:) happy

P.S.: You guys are the best shippers to ship my geckos out:) happy:) happy:) happy

P.S.: I will order another leopard gecko very soon:) happy:) happy:) happy

C.W., New York 6/2/2011

In the 2 years that I have known Steve Sykes, I have come to call him "The Yoda of Geckos". Later....."Gecko Yoda".  But now, I simply call him "Yoda" and most recently " Yod' ".  I believe that his astounding knowledge of herpetoculture and warmth of spirit warrant such a title.  I have done business with other herpetoculturists (very decent people), but none compare to Steve and his wife Debra.  They are passionate about what they do, and it shows in the superior quality of their animals.  The "Yoda of Geckos" will have my deepest respect and continued patronage for many years to come. 

Thanks Yoda,

D.H., California 5/27/2011

Hello Steve,

The other year I purchased 2 snow blizzard geckos from you.  They have been doing great!! 

Thanks alot

S.W., Indiana 5/27/2011


What an amazing gecko!  She is even better looking in person than your picture!  Simply beautiful.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait to see if she produces babies as nice and beautiful as her.  Not sure if she is ovulating, forgot to ask you, and haven't looked yet since I'm so excited. Haha! Also, she is 100% Bold Stripe, right?  Thanks again for this amazing gecko.


C.W., California 5/25/2011

Hi Steve,

Geckos arrived yesterday, they are awesome. Thank you very much and I will be ordering more in the near future.

Thanks again,

C.L., Pennsylvania 5/20/2011

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to let you know the geckos arrived in great shape!  They all look absolutely amazing!  Thanks so much!

P.S., Texas 5/17/2011


Just picked him up..he's perfect! Thanks a lot. You'll definitely have my business in the future.

L.S., Connecticut 5/11/2011

Thank you so much! Can't wait to buy more.

Thanks again,

M.B., California 5/10/2011


I just received my gecko about 30 minutes ago. She is more beautiful than on the website. I love her so much. I am definately pleased with the service that you provide. I can't wait to introduce her to my tangerine gecko and start the breeding process. Again thank you so much. I will definately be doing business with you in the future. 


J.M. West Virginia 5/3/2011

Hi Steve,

Thanks again - BSBM3 (who my boys have named "Slick") arrived in perfect health and is as good looking as you told me over the phone yesterday.  A really great lizard.  Right after I put him in his new home, he immediately spent the better part of an hour scouting the whole place - the walls, the rocks, through the water dish a couple times... then settled on a warm cave and stayed there the rest of the day.

Everyone here is very happy with our choice.


J.D., California 4/26/2011


I recieved them and they look awsome. 

Thanks Again,

T.K., Illinois 4/19/2011


The geckos look great, pleasure doing business with you!

M.W., Texas 4/16/2011

Hi Steve,

The female giant albino (possible super giant ) came to my house safely early this morning.  She was in excellent condition, and is very, very healthy, and she is ginormous.  She is going to be a big girl.  She is just adorable, and she is just beautiful, her striping is perfect, and I love her minor carrot tail.  I just love her bright yellow on her body.  It is just beautiful.  She is perfect in every way.  She is the best of the best.  You did a good job producing Moose's grandoffspring, and they are very healthy, and big.  Your assistance for helping me is the best assistance that I ever had.  Your leopard geckos are the healthiest animals that I ever raised.  They are very lively, and they all love having all the attention from me.  It's very cute, and they also love be held all the time in my hands. She started to be very calm when she was being held in my hands, and she started just lie there in my hands, and feeling very comfortable with me, when being held from me.  She is the nicest and calmest female leopard gecko that I ever had.  Again steve another successful delivery.  Thank you so much for your assistance Steve.  You are the best breeder, and all your animals are just gorgeous, including your hognose snakes, and your amyae geckos, they are all just gorgeous.  I couldn't be any happier with her, she is big and healthy, and she was very warm with the heat pack next to her.

Thanks Steve Sykes

P.S.: I will be ordering from you again in the future, with an amyae gecko, I do love there cute little smiles, and I love their tails.

P.S.: Again steve you are the best successful breeder to have successful deliveries

C.W., New York, 4/13/2011

Hi Steve,

I am very happy to inform you that I have received the 20 Leopard Geckos in safe condition at 9:00 AM this morning.

They look AWESOME! HEALTHY! & HUGE!!!! Never have I gotten the Leopard Gecko of such high quality. The Male het Radar has 97g & Male Super Giant Albino has 115g, they look very cool & huge!!!! The Sunglow is just gorgeous, I love his orange colour on his body. It is just amazing!!!!

I gotta say thank you so much for all your time and patience!!!!!

I will definitely be ordering from you again!!!

Thanks again

E.W., Hong Kong 04/09/2011

Hi Steve,

I am back from airport too. I got the geckos. Packaging is very good. All geckos are very good now. Thank you so carefully to pack them. Now, I will make them familiar with the environment for a week or two. Then let amyaes mating. Thanks again.


R.W., Taiwan 4/8/2011

Hello Steve, 

She arrived (10:22AM) safe and sound. She's a beautiful snake.

Thanks again. 

J.L., New Jersey 4/7/2011

Hi Steve,

The male tangerine enigma het bell albino just came this morning at 10:30 if I'm not mistaken.  He is just beautiful.  I love his light orange color on his body.  He actually let me hold him when I took him out of the box, and I think he was thrilled to get out of the container this morning.  He is a big boy, and he came to my house safe and sound this morning.  He is just gorgeous.  This is the first time that I have seen a tangerine enigma that is very healthy and huge.  I couldn't be any happier with him.  

Thanks Steve

P.S.: I will be buying from you again Steve when I save my money up

P.S.: Again you did a good job Steve of raising your leopard geckos, and keeping them very healthy and being free of worms

C.W., New York, 4/6/2011

Hi Steve,

The feale super hypo tangerine carrot tail came to my house safely late this morning:).  Fedex got a little held up this morning:), but other wise she is doing fine:), and she is nice and healthy, and she is very big:).  She is just gorgeous, I love her light orange color on her body.  It is just beautiful:).  I love her glowing carrot head:).  It is just amazing:).  I just love her a lot.  She was a little scared of me, but got used to me fairly quickly when I took her out of the container. She actually let me hold her for a long time without being nervous:).  She was a little skittish at first in the beginning, but otherwise doing fine:), and now she is very calm.  Now she is resting and taking a nice nap, after having a long trip from California:).  

Thanks Steve

P.S.: I will be buying from you again with more leopard geckos

C.W., New York, 3/30/2011

The geckos came today and I am more than thrilled. The pictures did not do them justice at all.

Thanks again!

C.W., Illinois 3/29/2011

Hey Steve,

The geckos are all here safe. Thanks a lot. I am very pleased with all the animals but very impressed with the Amyae. Thanks again!

B.B., Florida 3/22/2011

He arrived, and seems to be in terrific shape.  A great-looking animal.  Thanks!  It has been a pleasure. 

Best regards,

D.S., Pennsylvania 3/22/2011

Hi Steve

Just an email to say you that the male mack snow bold is very nice and big! thanks a lot!
i hope he will breed nice babies ;-)

A.G., Belgium 3/21/2011

Hi Steve

WOW. Our gecko is amazing. He arrived 8:30 pm (our time) and I have never seen a gecko that big! Even after being on the go for 3 days he was still very calm and docile straight out of the box. His colours are even better than the photo, if I ever need another gecko in the future I know where to go.

Thank you for all your help,

T.T. United Kingdom 3/17/2011

Hi Steve, The female super hypo tangerine carrot tail baldy came to my house safely, and came very early this morning. I couldn't be any happier with her.  She is gorgeous and healthy, and she is a big girl.  She adjusted perfectly when I brought her upstairs to my bedroom. When I took her out of the container, she was so calm on my hand that she didn't want to be put down.  She is a very sweet female gecko.  She just loved to be held right when I took her out of the container.  She loves her new home.  She just wanted to be with me, and lay there on my leg, and she wasn't wild at all.  She just let me hold her the whole time.  I just love her orange color, it's beautiful.  Thank you Steve for the explanatory instruction paper.  I read the whole sheet of paper very carefully.  It helped me a lot.  I will buy from you again Steve.  Your leopard geckos are just gorgeous.  I love your reasonable leopard gecko page.  You have very reasonable prices on your $150.00 and less leopard gecko page.  They are all beautiful.  Your morphs are incredible.

Thanks Steve

C.W., New York, 3/16/2011

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say that I recieved today the Geckos=) Everything is well and the Geckos are awesome. The Snow Radar looks veeeeeeery cool.

Thanks alot for all Steve


A.V., Germany 3/15/2011

Hi Steve

I want to say thank you for the two nice geckos!

M.K., Germany 3/14/2011

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to say thanks for my little mack raptor, I am really pleased with her, she's settling in nicely.
The supersnow or super raptor is a stunner as well.
Hope to deal with you again.

C.C., United Kingdom 3/14/2011

Hello Steve, it's J.M. we had bought the blizzard leo from you almost 2 months ago we just wanted to let you know he's doing great he's gained 10 grams since he arrived and has already shed 2 times he shed only 4 days after we had gotten him from you and he's already climbing into our hands and he knows exactly when feeding time is.

Once again thank you Steve and we have already referred many of our friends to you because of your excellent service I'll keep in touch as often as possible and we will take a few pictures of him for you to see.

J and C. M., West Virginia 3/11/2011

Hi Steve,

The gecko arrived this morning alive and well. I am very satisfied with this guy. He is awesome. He arrived without a scale out of place and he is robust and full of life. I gotta tell you, the last two times I bought online, I was disappointed with the quality. The people I dealt with were dishonest and didn't seem to care about their product, and the quality of their animals reflected it. You are the complete polar opposite of that and the gecko and your business ethic shows it.  Currently I'm living at home, so I'm maxed out on animals for the moment, but once I get my own place again, I will definitely be doing business with you again. And again. 

Take care,

A.D., Florida 3/8/2011


He has arrived and seems perfectly fine. Thank you so much he is a gorgeous snake. Thank you for everything.

S.G., Washington 3/8/2011

They have arrived and everythings good. They are just as beautiful as the pictures. Thanks!

H.C., Louisiana 3/1/2011

Hi Steve,

The gecko has arrived and looks fantastic! 

Thanks again, you’re second to none!

K.K., Colorado 2/23/2011

Hi Steve, they just got here and they are even better looking than I thought. Soo much better in person.

D.D. Arizona 2/23/2011

Hey Steve!

The geckos came this morning so I had to wait till 3:30 for school to end to see my new leos! (my mom got them and put them in there home) . There awesome!! That female sure is a chub! I made a vid on them on YouTube and everyone loves them. (you can check my video of them. My username is wellsieboy1212). Thanks so much Steve

W.F., California 2/22/2011


I received the Leo this morning! She is perfect! Huge!! And in great condition..I can't wait for her to settle in and start eating. 

A. P., California 2/22/2011

Just wanted  to let you know that the geckos arrived safe and sound. They are so pretty and that male raptor is huge!! Also wanted to say thanks for everything. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

R.M., New Hampshire 2/17/2011

Hi Steve,

Well she just arrived a few minutes ago. After slowly and carefully opening the box (which was well packaged I must add) and resisting excitement to open it as fast as possible.  I was stunned and amazed at how well rounded and full she is.  Her colors are gorgeous.  The web picture is a good idea of her, but in person, is simply awesome. I thank you very much for all the care through all of this.  I'll definitely be ordering more from you for other tanks i plan to set up.


B.V., New Jersey 2/17/2011

I got the geckos this morning and they seem to be doing just fine. They are amazing and they are beautiful.

Thank You,

M.C., Indiana 2/16/2011


She arrived today around 10:00 and was a little skittish, however she's in her tank now inside of a hide just relaxing.  Everything looks fine on her and she even licked out of a calcium dish going in.  Thanks for the gecko and also for being so helpful, if I purchase any more geckos in the future, I know that you are a good guy to go to!  I've also recommended you to a few friends.

Thanks again,

J.C., Pennsylvania 2/16/2011

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that #SSM6 is super well adjusted now. He's crazy and super active but I love him. Whenever I take him out of his tank he gets all excited and climbs up my back to sit on my shoulder, or tries to climb up my shirt sleeves. He's awesome :)!

L.D., Canada 2/13/2011


I almost forgot to thank you for SSM5 Mack Super Snow. He is doing just great. And he looks so much more beautiful in person than the site. Also I wanted to sincerely thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me so we could do our transaction, and for being so flexible as to what time to meet. Also I appreciate you putting him on hold for me for those few days. There are not many places anywhere that let you put stuff on hold, let alone for a few days. That just goes to show the next level of customer service you are on. Thank you again!!

C.T. California 2/9/2011

Hi Steve,

I received the Hognose today at 11:45 a.m.

He is beautiful, VERY active, and excellent with being held.  He likes to lay in the warm light and bask on top of the log/enclosure. 

Thanks again, and we may be getting another Hognose from you soon!  Because you certainly can not find any in these parts.  :-)


W.I., Oregon 2/8/2011

Thanks Steve I received my gecko this morning and it is great. Thanks for all your help, its better then It looks in the picture, thanks!

M.B., 2/8/2011

Hey Steve, My Jungle Mack Snow Albino HET Raptor came yesterday (2-1-11) and I am beyond impressed and satisfied. Never have I gotten a gecko of such high quality. And he is HUGE!!! I know it said 91g and all but still!! Also I want to say that dealing with you personally was the best customer service I ever had, and I appreciate you taking the time to call me and let me know that the original gecko I wanted was sold @ a show. Anyway I was so impressed with the gecko and with your customer service and friendly outgoing attitude, that I WILL spend more of my hard earned dollars with you because it is more than worth it. You got me hooked as a loyal customer now. Thanks again and look out for my next order soon. Hopefully by friday you still have SSM5 as I will definitely order him. Thanks again!!

C.T., California 2/2/2011

Steve, she is here! She is amazing and HUGE! Luv her, thank you so much and I will keep you updated :)

Again I love her and thank you so much! She is very healthy!

P.C., Florida 2/1/2011

Hi Steve,

I am a past customer of yours. Your animals are STUPENDOUS! Hands down you have the best quality snows on the market. I was in the industry but had to bail out. I'm developing a company to get back to breeding reptiles, my true passion, and was just going glancing through old friends reptile sites. BEST believe I'll be buying animals from you when I get back in the field of breeding. Gorgeous animals Steve. Keep it up.

J.H., 1/25/2011

Awesome geckos Steve! thank you! Just wanted to let you know they arrived ok.

C.P., California 1/21/2011

I picked her up, she's gorgeous! So big and chubby, I love her little armpit flaps. 

J.L., North Carolina 1/12/2011

The gecko just arrived. He is beautiful. He is gorgeous and will be perfect for this project. Thank you very much.

D.D., Arizona 1/12/2011

I love my male red albino western hognose I picked up from you guys on Saturday. I'd like to say you guys had an awesome selection to choose from. Great customer service and beautiful reptiles. He was worth the drive down (to the reptile show) from Fresno. Hope to see you guys at a future show!

K.R., California, 1/10/2011


I have just received my gecko and she is HUGE!!!! I know you said she was 70g but still she seems bigger then that wow!!!

thanks again,

T.S., Florida 1/5/2011

Couldn't be more pleased with the animals I've had from you!

S.N., United Kingdom 1/3/2011

Hi Steve,

We are happy to let you know, that the geckos are doing very well and are healthy!

Thanks and happy new year!

Kind regards

F.D. and N.D., Switzerland 1/3/2011