What Our Customers are Saying - 2012

Below are some comments our customers are saying about us and our geckos. If you have a comment that you would like to share about our geckos or customer service, please email it to us. Here is the link to send us an email: Email Link

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Hey Steve,

I got the geckos and they came in good shape! Thanks and good holiday.


C.V., Hong Kong 12/23/2012

Hi Steve,

The gecko got here just fine. He is a nice healthy gecko. Thanks.

R.G., Florida 12/18/2012

Gecko came in excellent condition ... Thank you will be doing more business with u.

J.W., Texas 12/18/2012

Hi. Picked up the new girl yesterday, she's beautiful. She's all moved in and settling into her new home. Thank you very much.

C.M., Canada 12/15/2012

Hey! I just got home from school and the geckos were here!! They are awesome!!! Awesome color on them too!! They are healthy and in great condition!! Thanks so much for them and for all your help!!!

C.K., New York 12/14/2012

Hi Steve,

They arrived safely about three hours ago. Sorry I took so long to let you know, but they look fantastic!

It's been a pleasure working with you and I appreciate it so much!

Thanks a million,

M.E., Wisconsin 12/15/2012

Hello Steve,

We have recovered two beast are superb! You're doing a great job. We're very proud to have animals that come to you.

S.L., France 12/10/12

Hi Steve,
Just to update you , my little male is just wonderful , thankyou so much :-)

Thx again , i would certainly like to buy some other animals off you in the future :-)

Best Wishes

D.B., 12/10/12

Hello Steve,

Thank you for the gecko, it is beautiful.


F.T., Germany 12/10/12

Hi Steve

The fat tails arrived this morning. They are perfect, everything i expected and more, tip top condition.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

P.S., United Kingdom 12/9/2012

Hi Steve,

Thanks fot everything!

I love your geckos and hope to take other animals from you in the future!


D.B., Italy 12/8/2012

Hi Steve,

Gecko arrived safely. Gecko all cheerful.

It is splendid packing.

It was splendid business.

I am satisfied very much.


K.C., Japan 11/28/2012

Thank you

Picked both of these girls up today! They look great! 

Thanks again

K.R., California 11/27/2012

Hello Steve,

I just wanted to let you know she is here safe and sound and wow! she is gorgeous and way bigger than I expected and her eyes.... simply amazing! I am very happy to have another one of your gorgeous geckos in my collection. She is very alert and took to the shipping process very well =)    


C.S., Arizona 11/21/2012

Hi Steve,

I received them a few minutes ago. The newts look great!

Thanks again for the good-looking newts.

J.H., California 11/20/12

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to thank you again for the eclipse he arrived safe and doing good. Looks great!!!


J.S., California 11/20/2012

Hey Steve,

The geckos arrived and look awesome.    Thanks for the great picks for my Ghost project. 

Talk to you soon,

T.K., Illinois 11/15/2012

Hi Steve,

I got them home and into their new tubs.  They both look great, and that male is much more impressive than I expected. 

Thanks again!

K.K., Colorado 11/14/2012

Hellow Steve,

I recently ordered four geckos from you. They are all acclimating to their new home nicely;  beautiful animals, good feeding response, and gentle temperament.  


B.B., Nevada 10/31/2012

Hi Steve,

Just letting you know that I received my gecko this morning safe and sound. He sure does look great! I'm very happy with the quality of your geckos and the shipping. I'll be sure to do more business with you in the future. Thanks again :)

J.A., California 10/16/2012

Hey Steve!

Thanks for the service - Geckos look amazing! Very bright eyed, alert, and responsive.  Wonderful unique color and patterns on the enigmas; the patternless is a behemoth.  Can't wait to breed them this spring.

B.B., Nevada 10/16/2012


Both girls were delivered yesterday and are absolutely beautiful!  They both seem to be in great health. 

I appreciate all the info and help.

M.S., Texas 10/10/2012


He came in and looks great, your weight online says 84g and he's at 103g. I appreciate it, thanks Steve.

S.B., Washington 9/25/2012

I have to say that there was not one aspect of the transaction that I was not happy with. Your communications, service and quality of animals were impeccable. It is a great relief to find someone with intelligence, common sense and work ethics.

Thanks ever so much for a wonderful transaction.

D. South Korea 9/22/2012


Didn't want to call and wake you at the crack of dawn so figured I'd spare you the misery of being woken from a peaceful slumber to hear me screaming with excitement. The animals arrived and are simply EXQUISITE! Very inquisitive and exploring their new environment as I watch them on my closed circuit monitoring system. I am going to let them settle in for the day and then try to feed them tomorrow evening to see if they are interested. I want to thank you again for all your help in answering questions, putting up with my eagerness, and taking continued excellent care of them while waiting for the weather to break.

Hope you have a great week, and it was truly a pleasure dealing with you.

J.L., Virginia 9/18/2012

Hi Steve,

He just arrived half an hour ago, and he is HUGE!!!

Thank you so much! He is "more" than I expected :)


C.V., Illinois 9/13/2012

Hey Steve!!!!

I want to say thank you very much for the geckos!!! They are perfect, arrived safely, and in their new homes! Thanks again!

S.W., California 9/12/2012

Hello Steve,

Well the girls just got here about an hour ago!!!! They look great and love one that's more granite than the others!!! Thanks again for all the info and the great deal!!! Look forward to doing business in the future !!!


S.G., Indiana 9/12/2012

Hi Steve,

Well what can I say, I have died and gone to gecko heaven. I am thrilled, your geckos are amazing, everyone is settled in and happy and healthy, I am so pleased I decided to buy from you, will recommend you to all, my friend brought me three others from you, three young female giants, so next year is going to be fun.

I am thrilled with all mine, I will definately be back for more, the courier you use was lovely very polite and great service, all in all very good experience.

A very big thank you.

Kindest Regards :) :) :)

J.H. United Kingdom 9/11/2012

Hi Steve,

The Female is arrived safetly in my home. Steve, thats the best Sykes Emerine you produced, did you notice that? She is sooooo beautyful, just awesome, as ALLL YOUR GECKOS.


A.V., Germany 9/10/2012

Dear Steve,

Got both today evening)))))))))))))))))))))))))) THEY ARE STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling OK I suppose... I gave water to them by now. Will have them in quarantine for a couple of weeks.

My God, how beautiful are they!!!!! Thank you so much. I am just happy))))))) THANK YOU!!!!!

Best regards,

E.R., Russia 9/10/2012


Thank you for gecko. She is beautiful. :)

All the best,

M.K., Poland 9/9/2012

Hi Steve,

I just wanna say thank you so much for the wonderful geckos I have bought from you. I love all three of them, and I will definitely buy more geckos from you in the future! :)

Best regards,

N.R., Denmark 9/10/12

Hi again Steve,

I just wanted to let you know that the gecko is now Dreadnaught (after a class of capital starship in Star Wars), and he is settling in nicely here. He really is a gorgeous animal and I wanted to thank you for transacting with me.

All the best,

H.M., Florida 9/2/2012

Our Gecko came and she is beautiful. The orange is great. Thank you so much. Courtney named her Natiri. My daughter is really into this. Will keep you posted on her future.

V.S. and C.S., Pennsylvania 8/29/2012

I bought a Jungle/Bold stripe Mack snow female from you in the spring, she's doing great, she's super friendly and seems to come out of her shelter when you call her name, I'm very satisfied with her.

A.S., Washington 8/19/2012

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to let you know my newts came in beautifully. The 2 of them share a 20 gallon tank and they're so happy these are some of the most interesting little creatures I've ever seen they love to just prance around the tank and I definitely love them. Just wanna let you know I am very happy satisfied customer looking forward to future business.

J.N., North Carolina 7/31/2012

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much again for everything!! :) They arrived perfect condition and very well~ Thanks again & again!! ^^ I will be order again soon~ haha!! :)


E.W., Hong Kong 7/28/2012

Hi Steve!  

I just received Bella and she is GORGEOUS!  She is very healthy and has been actively exploring her new home as we speak.  I've got her in a terrarium in a quiet part of our home and she is resting in her hide now.  I really think she is going to do well.  Thank you so much!

You guys do amazing work! I'm so tempted to buy another female, but I think my husband would kill me.

Thanks again!

B.S., Texas 7/26/2012

Hello Steve,

The Spanish Ribbed Newt arrived in perfect condition. I'm very happy with the color and condition of the newt.

Thanks again,

R.B., New Jersey 7/19/2012

Hi Steve...just wanted to send a quick note to let you know the Gecko made it here 1st thing this morning! He looks great!! Lots of color......he has been exploring his knew home all day...seems very happy! Loki (his name), is perfect...Thanks for everything!

K. A., Illinois 7/19/2012

I have recieved him, thank you very much!!! He's great!!!

C.L., Indiana 7/17/2012

Hi Steve, 

Thanks again for another wonderful looking Wheeleri.  It made my day. 

J.B., California 7/17/2012


The baby leopard geckos you have sent me in May are doing excellent! I could tell a huge difference in the ones you sent me and the one I bought from the pet store a month before.


R.H., Georgia 7/10/2012

Hey Steve,

I have received the geckos and they are wonderful.  The redstripe is way cooler in hand.  The size of her. Wow! I can't wait to see the explosion of variation that enigma patty rw adds to my next breeding season. She is a beautiful lizard. Thanks again for everything.

T.F., Indiana 6/27/2012

Hey Steve,

I received them and they are perfect.

Thanks again,

T.K., Illinois 6/26/2012

ARRIVED. All 3 look great. Thx!

K.K., New York 6/19/2012

Hey the gecko arrived and it looks great! Very healthy and strong. Thanks!

K.F., Minnesota 6/14/2012

Hey Steve,

She arrived safe and sound! She's so gorgeous! Even nicer than the picture! Thanks again and please let me know when you hatch some babies!

M.E., Wisconsin 6/12/2012

Hi Steve,

All geckos received in perfect condition, thank you very much. I cannot believe how big the males are. I am really pleased with the colours and the condition they are in, once again thank you, you have a customer for life.

Kind regards,

T.T., United Kingdom 6/11/2012

Hi Steve!

Mr.Big arrived in a very good condition! A little jetleg but he already ate some crickets Again a wonderful animal from you!!! Thanks!

Greetings from Germany.

M.B., Germany 6/10/2012


Just got her. All looks good. She was in transit for around 12 hours too, which is great. She's already showing all the normal behaviors, exploring and burrowing.

Thanks a lot,

M.W., New York 6/7/2012

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know I got my geckos and they are all great. Thanks again for another pleasant buying experience. They even ate a few days after they arrived, you're right, crickets are definitely the trick for getting new geckos to eat they love them! Thanks again!

J.A., Pennsylvania 6/6/2012

I have my geckos yesterday picked up. They are healthy and very beautiful.


M.S., Germany 6/6/2012


The giants arrived here and look great. Thanks again for everything.

T.K., Georgia 6/5/2012

Hi Steve! 

I just wanted to let you know that the snake arrived safe and sound yesterday morning, and he is absolutely perfect.  He’s gorgeous, and very inquisitive.  He’s everything I’d hoped for. Thank you so much!   

S.E., Pennsylvania 5/31/2012

Hey Steve, 

She arrived great this morning - thanks again! 

B.G., California 5/22/2012


The fat tails got here just fine. They look great. After I receive an order I always like to let you know that everything arrived in perfect condition. Thanks again for the help. I'll be adding more animals to the collection when I can afford it. I'll be looking for more geckos. Have a good one.

T.K., Georgia 5/22/2012

Hi Steve,

The knobs are way bigger than imagined! And I never expected them to be so red in real life. It's really been an exciting trip for me. I hope to take care of them well. I had to thank you in person for sending such amazing animals. I am truly grateful!

N.R., Malaysia 5/17/2012

Got the male fat tail. He is magnificent!!

D.W., Kentucky 5/16/2012

Got my geckos, they're great! Blizzard female is a monster!!!

D.W., Kentucky 5/15/2012

We got her today around noon, she's plenty friendly, and huge...lol. My geckos I have right now are half her size. Thanks again. Nice doing buisiness with you.

A.S., Washington 5/8/2012


Geckos got here fine and they look great. Thanks again.

T.K., Georgia 4/26/2012

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know that the female albino hognose has arrived and is doing great.

Thanks and have a great season!

P.Z., Wisconsin 4/26/2012

Thank you for the geckos, they arrived alive and well. All are amazingly HUGE! I cannot believe it. Are you giving them obesity pills or something? lol

Anyways I love them and thank you again. It was a pleasure doing business and I will be sure to buy again in the future :)


M.G., New York 4/25/2012

Thanks again ! She arrived in perfect condition. She is very friendly already.

B.C., Delaware 4/25/2012

Good morning,

Just wanted to let you know that the geckoes arrived fine and look great. I also appreciate the care sheet. Well done! Thanks again!

D.Z., Florida 4/24/2012

Just wanted to let you know we received the Gecko and he looks great.

Have a great day,

B.W., Washington 4/24/2012

The leopard gecko arived on time and ahead of schedule, she's got her home and is walking around and looks outstanding.

D.L., Texas 4/21/2012

Hi Steve,

He just arrived this morning at 10:45 EST.  He has amazing colors and is very healthy, bright and alert. He is already active and exploring his tank.  Thank you so much, I will be looking to order more soon.

B.V., New Jersey 4/20/2012

Hey Steve,

Sorry for the late reply but both of the SHTCT girls arrived safely and are doing great. Thanks so much!

J.J., Texas 4/19/2012

Thanks Steve, 

My gecko arrived on time in perfect health and she is exactly as described. She has now settled in and has been christened "Chompy" after our initial move from shipping box to terrarium when she decided to chomp on me. She hasn't done it since and is now quite friendly and curious.  

N.B., Florida 4/12/2012

Hi Steve

Im very happy with the red stripe female she got here in good health. Shes huge!!

C.H., New York 4/11/2012

Hello Steve,

We received our new leopard gecko on April 3rd. In magnificent condition and weight! He has completed his first shedding and his color is amazing!!!  I did have to help pull off the skin on one of his legs, however, I didn't even need to restrain him to get the skin off.  A day or so after that he started pooping. We have found 2 poops in the cage so I guess that means he has started eating and has settled in and it's only been a week!!!

So thank you for all the support and help have given us!

It has been wonderful working with you.

Z.R., Kansas 4/11/2012


Hi Steve,

Remember me my name is Marc, I bought a male super hypo tangerine carrot tail from you a few years ago. His name is Thornton, and he's very happy and healthy! Anyways, thank you for selling me a quality Gecko I love him.


M.H., California 4/10/2012

My geckos arrived in great condition and in great health. This site and it's owner have been more than helpful. I would never buy geckos anywhere else. Thanks again!

J. A., Pennsylvania 4/10/2012


Geckos arrived in great shape..sleeping off the jetlag..

Thanks again.

B.C., Delaware 4/10/2012

Hi Steve,

Today I have received all of the gecko I purchased. I was very surprised, very large and beautiful. I love, thank you, my good friend, I hope I can this year with their children!

E.W., Hong Kong 4/7/2012

He got here just fine. Boy he is a big guy!!!! Brandon has named him Zack!!!!  We all love him.  Your Geckos are amazing!!!  He seems in good shape and other than looking a little lost, he seems happy!!

Thank you so very much!!

J.K., Montana 4/4/2012

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that Gibson and Bonnie arrived safely and are relaxing in their new home. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks again,

J.N., Connecticut 4/3/2012


I just wanted to let you know that the geckos are now home!  They all look superb! Thanks very much!

R.B., Canada 3/28/2012


We got the gecko this morning. He looks great,seems happy.The kids are going to love him. We have two females about 1.5 years old or so and the kids are hoping we can have some babies...

B.C., Delaware 3/28/2012

Dear Sir,

I received the animals well. :) What did you feed the hognose? :)


J., South Korea 3/26/2012

Hi Steve

I just wanted to let you know that my boy arrived safe and sound and I love him. Thank you!

L.H., Canada 3/22/2012

Hey Steve, Thank you for everything. The leopard geckos are beautiful! I appreciate all the time you took to give me advice. I can tell you really care about your animals, and I would definitely purchase from you again.

R.M., Alabama 3/21/2012

Hey Steve, my hognose arrived today, she is awesome...so red! Thank you for an amazing animal and all the help ensuring the process went smoothly getting her to the UK. I'm sure I'll be buying from you again soon...

A.B., United Kingdom 3/16/2012


I received the fat tails on Tuesday and they look great. Thanks again on the great geckos.

A.V., Minnesota 3/16/2012

Steve hi!!!!!!!!

In the morning I got all geckos))) I must say both Leopard Geckos look terrific. I am excited. The female is gorgeous indeed. Absolutely. This Bell Blazing Blizzard is a real Beauty. Wonderful. And the condition of your Geckos is just perfect. Thank you so much. I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED. It is a pleasure having a deal with you.

I will check your updates later this year. You have brilliant Geckos...not only the Leopard ones. I would like to choose a bit more closer to Autumn.

Will keep you informed.

Best regards,

E.R., Russia 3/15/2012

Got my shipment today! Very impressed with the quality of gecko you put out. Healthy animals. Thanks Steve.

K.G., California 3/13/2012

Hello Steve,

Many thanks for the two great geckos and the Hognose. What is your secret, why are your  leopardgeckos so big and healthy?

M.M., Germany 3/13/2012

Hi Steve,

I have take my 2 geckos from you they are so nice thanks! The female is very nice!!! and her head is like a strawberry lol maybe her name will be strawberry lol

A.G., Belgium 3/11/2012

Hi Steve,

Received my Fat Tail in perfect shape...thanks. Nice to do business with you.

K.S., The Netherlands 3/10/2012

Hello again,

I just wanted to let you know that I recieved these 2 Geckos today at 10 A.M. and they are in good health . Now to let them adjust. Thank you again, they are BEAUTIFULL!!!! You will DEFINATELY have my business whenever we decide to get any more.

Thanks again


J.J., Missouri 3/9/2012

Wanted to let you know she just arrived safe and sound! And she's beautiful!! Thank you so much!

K.S., Maine 3/8/2012

Hello Steve,

Just to let you know I received the hognose, all is well.

Thanks again,

G.H., New York 3/7/2012

Wanted to let you know the geckos arrived this morning in great shape. Really nice looking geckos, thanks!!!

J.A., Texas 2/28/2012

We received our gecko right on time this morning. She is in great condition and looks very healthy and beautiful! She is checking out her new habitat right now. Great job with how you ship them. Even though I saw the FedEx guy be pretty rough with the box she was in great shape when I got her out. The small container works really well to protect them on their journey. Thanks so much. I'm getting my geckos from you from now on.

H.H., Georgia 2/21/2012

I received my order and everything is fine. I really like my geckos, and thank you again.

J.L., Mississippi 2/16/2012

Hey Steve,

I just want to say thank you again! Both of the girls look great.


J.M., New York 2/14/2012

Hey Steve,

 Everyone made it safely and is in perfect health. I'm very pleased with everyone of them and the quality. Thank you so much for my newest addition to my family. I will be ordering again soon.

Thank you,

J.M., Kentucky 2/7/2012

The sunglow I bought from you a few weeks ago is doing awesome, not skiddish at all, eats very well, and actually put on 2 grams. I've done business with many other leopard gecko breeders, but their geckos seem to lack the quality of yours, just the richness and colors on her are so amazing. Even though she wasn't one of the high end tangerine tornadoes, her color is a gold sunshine, I love it. I will be doing business much more with you in the near future, Thanks!!!

B.M., Illinois 2/2/2012

Hey Steve,

I received my geckos today! So beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much! They seem to be perfect. Thanks again.


D.M., Illinois 2/1/2012

My female leopard gecko arrived and she looks very happy and healthy! Thank you so much for this beautiful animal. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a similar pet, and if I am in the market for another Gecko, you are certainly the person I will be contacting.

Thanks again! :-)

J.N., Massachusetts 2/1/2012


I just want to say that she looks great!

Thank you so much again for everything.


J.M., New York 2/1/2012

Thanks again Steve, the little guys (well, one not so little guy) are settling in nicely and they look great. Wonderful packaging (although my Fedex guy left the box on its side). Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be doing buisiness with you in the future. Cheers.

J.M., Oregon 1/26/2012


The gecko arrived safe and sound---thanks for your help!

H.O., California 1/26/2012

Hi Steve,

I just want to thank you for everything and he is so amazing. Thank you very much and have a great day.

S.A., California 1/19/2012

Hi Steve,

I've received my fat-tailed and she looks adorable and much better than the one I saw in the picture. You guys did a very good job in raising her. Thank you.

C.T., Oklahoma 1/19/2012

I have received my gecko order and they are in perfect health, I'm happy with my order. Thank you.

J.L., Mississippi 1/17/2012

Hi Steve,

The geckos arrived safe and sound!! I'm really happy when I see them, they are very pretty and healthy!! I'm very impressed with your geckos!! And thanks again for your patience.

I'll order another geckos from you again & again!!!!

Thanks you so much, Steve!!!! =)

Best Regards,

E.W., Hong Kong 01/14/2012

Hi Steve,

The amyae arrived safe and sound and looks GREAT! Thanks so much.

I look forward to keeping in touch.


D.C., Texas 1/12/2012

Geckos arrived in great shape.  I have them acclimating seperately in a quiet area. Thanks for your help.

J.L., Texas 1/12/2012

Thanks for another fine, healthy gecko, Steve

S.H., Texas 1/5/2012