What Our Customers are Saying - 2013

Below are some comments our customers are saying about us and our geckos. If you have a comment that you would like to share about our geckos or customer service, please email it to us. Here is the link to send us an email: Email Link

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Thanks Steve, Romeo and Juliet I have named them. Are safely in my care and they're beautiful. Romeo is huge. I'm really pleased. Many thanks for ur help and giving me gorgeous leos.

L.R., United Kingdom 12/22/2013

Got the Gecko!  Thank you…my son is VERY happy!

Merry Christmas,

R.G., Washington 12/20/2013


Animals reach Russia. All is well! I am very happy! I hope for further products partnership!

T.Z., Russia 12/17/2013

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the geckos. I am very happy with the pair! Be ready to get a new order! 

Best Regards,

T.D., France 12/15/2013

I finally got the gecko. He is amazing!! And he is also huge!! Thank you very much! Also my friend is satisfied about his geckos.

S.G., Italy 12/15/13

Hi Steve,

Just to say that I'm so happy to your geckos from Hamm. Thanks a lot.

A.G., Belgium 12/15/2013

Hey Steve,

The Dreamsicle Leopard Gecko arrived safely yesterday around 3pm (EST).  He looks GREAT!

Thanks Again,

M.S., Florida 12/6/2013

Hi Steve and Jasmine,

I've received the geckos they are awesome! They are larger and more colorful than what I seen in the pictures. Thanks and hope to do business with you again in the future!


C.T., Texas 12/3/2013

Thanks Steve 

The leopard geckos came on time, they are really nice. You really do have some nice geckos.

Thanks again,

L.M., Maryland 12/3/13

Hey Jasmine,

Just wanted to tell you guys my geckos arrived safe and sound. They are gorgeous too! I couldn't be more happy with the quality of these animals, not to mention the fabulous customer service you've provided me. I definetly intend on doing more business with you in the near future.


D.V.G., Florida 11/12/13

He arrived safe and sounds and is loving his new cage. Thanks for the leo.

D.L., Texas 11/8/2013

Hi Steve, 

I received your geckos safe at today, They are really very nice!

Thanks again,

J.H., Taiwan 11/7/2013

I just got the wheeleri Steve! She's gorgeous! Thanks again for another awesome gecko! 

P.L., Colorado 11/1/2013

Hello Geckos Etc. and Steve Sykes,

My new male Diablo Blanco arrived safe and sound this morning, what a beautiful, robust and pure looking specimen. As I have purchased a female Diablo from you earlier in the year, my pair is now complete.

The time you have spent with me answering any questions I had went over and beyond any possible expectations.

To anybody that is new to the Leopard Gecko hobby, Geckos Etc. should be your only company to buy from.

Thank You Again Steve,

B.S., St. Petersburg, Florida10/29/2013

Hi Steve,

The group arrived safely this morning.  They all look great!  We are very happy.  Thank you :)

Thanks again!  So happy!

A.C., Virginia 10/18/2013


Geckos received and they look great! Thanks!


E.S., Colorado 10/17/2013

Hey Steve!

The wheeleri arrived today alive and well. And man do they look awesome! I am very pleased with them and I can't wait to see them grow and breed! 

Thank you again for the great service! 

P.L., Colorado 9/26/2013

HI Steve,

The gecko arrived today dafe and sound, and looks great . Thank you !

J.K., Pennsylvania 9/24/2013

Hi Steve

Just to let you know he arrived this morning and I'm so pleased, he's huge! Thanks so much for letting me have him.

C.F., United Kingdom 9/21/2013

The gecko came in great condition and I have to say that quality is superb. Thanks for providing such high quality geckos.

G.C., New York 9/19/2013

The Eclipse female is SERIOUSLY the nicest animal I've purchased thus far, and is doing well. I didn't offer her any food the first day, to let her settle in, but on the 2nd day  I offered, and she pounded them back. :)  Im impressed.  

D.D., Canada 9/19/2013

I have them all at home and settled in, all have excellent temperments, though the smaller females like to be handled a little less than my big galaxy. Love them all, and thank you so much! I look forward to doing business with you again. :)


S. Canada 9/16/2013

Hi Steve,

The Sunglows came in today and made it in great shape.  Very nice geckos, thanks. 


R.R., Colorado 8/29/2013

We got the geckos and they are fantastic, thanks again!

P.F., Canada 8/27/2013

Hey Steve!

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my AFT from Jim today at the WCRE. :) I am super happy with her, she is stunning!

Thanks so much!

K.D., Canada 8/24/2013


They arrived alive and well. They are so active and are looking great.

Thank you so much,

Z.F., Texas 8/22/2013

Hey Steve!

The Amyae came in and they look fantastic! It's been a long, long term goal for me to get these, and I am really happy with them! Thank you!

Thank you once again! 

P.L., Colorado 8/22/2013

Hi Steve,

The geckos arrived safely.  They look great!  Thank you so much!

R.M., Georgia 8/15/2013

RPM3 arrived in great condition. He is lively and adjusting to his new home. Hopefully by this time next year I will be hatching some novas.

Thank you very much Steve,

P.C., South Carolina 7/25/2013

I just wanted to let you know I received the fat tails and I couldn't be more happy. They look like they made the trip safe and are resting in their new homes. 

Thank you again for everything! I am looking forward to doing business with you again. I'll keep my eye on the site for updates. 

Have a great afternoon!

N.H., Arizona 7/24/2013

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know the albino hognose arrived safely and she is beautiful! Currently exploring her new home. Thanks for providing such a beautiful animal.

All the best,

R.N. and B.N., Idaho 7/16/13


My paradox spotted het Bell guy got here early this morning (I was surprised to see the FedEx van pull up well before 10:30!), and I have to say this is a seriously mellow gecko. No problems at all getting him unpacked, looked over, photographed, and tucked away into his own "apartment." He's also just as awesome looking in real life as in his photo, by the way. Maybe next year I'll have to put in an order for a couple of pretty paradox-spotted Bell, het Bell, or at least Bell-compatible girls if you hatch any.  A paradox project could be really fun. :D

Anyway, thanks for another smooth transaction and another awesome gecko!

A.S., Kansas 7/16/2013

She arrive healthy and well. She is very beautiful. Thank you so much, I love her. I will be buying more from you soon.

M.C., Ohio 7/9/2013

Hey Steve,

I am pleased to announce that my new gecko just arrived and she is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much.

J.J., Mississippi 6/18/2013

Hi Steve

Just to let you know the geckos have finally reached us and we are absolutely over the moon with them. They are stunning, thank you very much.

H.H, England 6/15/2013

Hi Steve,
I recieved the geckos all well and in mint condition, just wanted to say a quick thanks and was very impressed with the three i orderd. Thanks again and I'm sure il be ordering more soon ready for the September Hamm show.
S.G., England 6/13/2013

Hi Steve.

The boy arrived safe and sound Tuesday evening our time. Thank you for all you have done for me and a big thank you for two superb Geckos they are stunning.


E.E., Portsmouth, England 6/13/2013

Hello Steve,

Thank you very much for these two amazing Nephrurus amyae. They arrived good at me.


M.M., Germany 6/10/2013

Hey Steve!

Thanks for this great gecko! He's really huge and has awesome colours!!! Thanks and regards,

C.W., Germany 6/9/2013

It was all worth it for such beautiful animals. Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing what you have available in the future.

Thanks again for the quality animals!

J.B., Canada 6/6/2013

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know my gecko arrived safe and sound this morning. He's beautiful, big, and a bit grumpy from his trip!

Thank You!

C.P., Washington 5/23/2013

Dear Steve,

The gecko arrived safe and sound today on my doorstep and I couldn't be any happier. He is so healthy and beautiful. I just can't thank you enough. I'm so thrilled to have him as a part of my growing gecko family :) Thank you again!

J.C., Virginia 5/21/2013

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that I just got her and she looks amazing!  It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future.


N.S., New Jersey 5/21/2013

The geckos arrived and look great.  Thank you so much!


K.H., Illinois 5/9/2013

I have picked her up and all is fine. Your company is amazing and we tell everyone about you and your business. I would never buy from a reptile store again.

Till the next selection,

B.S., Florida 5/2/2013


As expected, the Wheeleri is spectacular. He appears to have made the trip just fine and is a welcome addition to my growing collection of Nephrurus.

Thank you again for providing such a quality animal, and I wish you continued success.

J.L, Virginia 4/30/2013


He is gorgeous...I love him.  Thank you so much!!

T.A., Florida 4/30/2013


Just received the shipment & he safe and in good health & just what I wanted. Very robust male for my start with the Halloween Mask group. Appreciate all you are doing with the Leopard Geckos you are the best @ what you are doing. Every purchase I have received have always meet every expectation.

Thanks again,

J.B., Utah 4/25/2013

Hi Steve,

Thanks you so much for her. She is really gorgeous and she is OK. I like to make more business in the future with you. Again thanks Steve.

P.A., Minnesota 4/10/13

Hello, I recieved my hognose on Saturday morning. She looks great and healthy. I am extremely pleased with my purchase from your business and look forward to purchasing from you again. 

Thank you,

M.A., Arizona 3/25/2013 

Thank you so much for the geckos, they are amazing! Also thank you for being very helpful and answering all of my questions. It has been an absolute pleasure and I cannot wait to purchase off you again! 

G.M., United Kingdom 3/19/2013


Just to let you know that I have received the geckos off the courier. They both arrived happy and healthy. They look amazing! Thank you so much for selling me them, I hope to do business again in the future! 


G.M., United Kingdom 3/17/2013

Hi Steve,

She has arrived and looks great!! Thanks a lot :) I guess I'll get many more geckos from you in the future....

All the best,

C.V., Illinois 3/14/2013

Hi Steve,

Got him yesterday, and he is SO pretty. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to order again from you soon.

M.T., Texas 3/14/2013

Hi Steve,

The Leopardgeckos are at home
They are very beautiful, thank you so much.
We will see you at September.........

A.V., Germany 3/12/2013

Hello Steve!

Thank you for beautiful animals! I am very happy :)! They easily home transferred flight and are healthy.

Once again THANKS for cooperation!

R.R, Russia 3/10/2013

Hi Steve,

Just got my new additions, all very good, thank you very much. Very nice, good luck.

Thank you,

T.T., United Kingdom 3/10/2013

Thank you Steve Sykes for the fantastic geckos !!!

G.D., Italy 3/10/2013

Hi Steve,

Thank you for the shipment.  I received cargo yesterday night. All animals were good condition and good quality!!

I appreciate your work. Thank you very much!! I will order animals again in the near future.

Best regards.

M.N., Japan 3/7/2013

Hey Steve,

The hogs just arrived and they are stunning color is outstanding and they look to be in great health.. Thanks so much, I will email you and let you know how they are doing after I attempt to feed them in a few days.. I could not be more happy with these babies and I look forward to purchasing from you again.

A.O., New York 3/5/2013

Geckos arrived on time and healthy they look great thanks again.

C. W. and J. P., Maryland 2/13/2013

Ok Steve, I have received the geckos both in amazing shape, and all I can say is wow, thanks so much. When we are ready for more were both coming right back lol. Well have a awesome day, and thanks again.

A.H., Indiana 2/12/2013

They got here just fine! Thank you so much they are very pretty leo's! Ill look for you again soon as I will need a male for them and I also will be getting a white and yellow.

Thanks again.

B.S., North Carolina 2/6/2013


It was a pleasure doing business with you again. They came in alive and well the female is huge. There both incredible looking. When I start breeding Fat tails I'll buy from you. They are checking out there new homes, and doing well.

Thank You

G.M., Idaho 2/5/2013

Hi Steve!

The two geckos arrived safely today and are doing very well.  I've now received eight Leo's from you (past four years) and all have met but mostly exceeded my expectations.  The quality in these animals are unmatched by any other breeder out there.

Thanks Steve & to the Gecko's ETC team!!

A.R., California 2/5/2013

HI Steve,

Just mailing to say thank you for the beautiful little lady lizard.. We will definitely be purchasing from you in the future.

E.S., Tennessee 2/5/13

Dear Steve,


Thank you very much for the shipment. They are very nice!! All of them good conditions, PERFECT!!! Thank you again. I hope to ask you again for next shipment soon.

Best regards,

E.O., Japan 1/31/2013

This is Derek’s mom. Just wanted you to know he LOVES the new gecko. Thanks for making sure weather conditions were just right before sending.

C.B., Missouri 1/30/2013

Hello Steve,

I have returned from the airport.The geckos looks healthy and nothing wrong. I'm 100% satisfied with them:) Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

A.Y., Japan 1/25/2013

Hey Steve and Debra,

My wife purchased the male N.amyae (NAM25) from you as a gift for me during the holidays and I have to praise you on your work. She told me how kind and responsive you were throughout the process and I appreciate that. The animal is beautiful and the quality is above and beyond what I have seen from other breeders of this species. He will go great with my female that I purchased last year (she also has some Sykes line genes in her). I will be looking into doing business with you again when I get more funds, I have a lonely male N.levis levis...Thanks again.


M.D., Massachusetts 1/19/2013

Hi Steve,

I have just received geckos without problem few hours ago. All geckos looks fine, It's great. I have peace of mind. Thank you!


J.K., Japan 1/19/2013

He arrived safely and looks great, thanks again for the great business.

J.J., Texas 1/17/2013

Thanks for the excellent shipping and healthy snake.

N.C., Nevada 1/15/2013

Hi Steve,

Great Thanks!

I recived geckos! N.amyae is the most biggest one in that I have ever seen. And It is the first time I saw such a great color individual!! Thank you for your courteous dealing. Thank you also for the next opportunity.



T.T., Japan 1/11/2013


V.S., Pennsylvania 1/8/2013

I really wanted to thank you for my amel African fat tail that I got. She is amazing, she is going to have her first feed today on mealworms and just wanted to thank you for my gecko and will definitely buy three more next expo.


B.M., California 1/6/2013

Hey! I just got home from school about half an hour ago and my geckos are here!! I just wanted to let you know that they are in great shape and are looking awesome! They have unbelievable eyes!!

Thanks so much,

C.K., New York 1/4/2012

hey steve , 

i received my gecko and am totally happy with him :]

Thank you so much , you'll be hearing from me again

Thanks again

B.O., Virginia 1/3/2013

Thank you so much for the gecko! She's gorgeous! And she arrived right on time! Can't wait to get my next gecko from you!

Q.M., Arizona 1/3/2013


I got home at 2:30 to arrive to the box on my bed. The geckos arrived alive and well. They are beautiful. They are set up in their enclosure to adjust. I am extremely happy with the purchase and will definately buy from you again in the future. Thanks again Steve! Your the man ! 

A.V., Georgia 1/3/2013

Hello Steve,

Wanted to let you know I received the blizzard male this morning. Was very impressed with his size and temperament. Thanks again for the Leo I'm looking forward to purchasing another 100+ gram female to pair him with.

G.F., Texas 1/3/2013

Hello Steve,

She arrived safely and we have her in a dark hide to get adjusted. She is perfect and my boys are thrilled. It has been a pleasure doing business with geckosetc. We will definitely be back for all our gecko needs.

Thanks again,

B.S., Florida 1/3/2013