What Our Customers are Saying - 2014

Below are some comments our customers are saying about us and our geckos. If you have a comment that you would like to share about our geckos or customer service, please email it to us. Here is the link to send us an email: Email Link

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!


I received the gecko yesterday and he is in good health. Thanks for everything!!

N.P., California 12/31/2014

Hi Jasmine,

We received the White Out this morning and my son was excited.  It was what we expected and appreciate you helping out with my questions.  I was a little reluctant on the shipping as I've never done this before, but it went smooth.  

Thanks again, and happy New Year

L.Y., California 12/30/2014


Just letting you know I received him this morning and he looks great. In the brief moments that I handled him to put him into his cage, he was very docile as you said!

Thank you,

R.S., Texas 12/30/2014

Hey. Everybody arrived, on time, and they look magnificent. Thank you again for a wonderful transaction. 

T.K., South Carolina 12/30/2014

Thank you so much!! They are beautiful (: They got here safely and are now settling in. 

A.S., Texas 12/19/2014

She arrived safely and is very inquisitive already... ;) she's beautiful! Thank you! Merry Christmas!!

A.C., Wisconsin 12/16/2014

Hi Steve!

I hope this message finds you well.  Just a quick note to say thanks for the absolutely gorgeous gecko.

Best wishes,

R.P. United Kingdom 12/14/2014

Hi Steve,

The geckos I picked up look even more better than the Fotos. I am quite satisfied with them, a wonderful breed. I can only recommend you.


M.R., Germany 12/13/2014

GOT THEM!!!!  They are, as usual, a beauty. They are safe and sound at home in their new house.

Thanks again,

S and C, Canada 12/12/2014

Hey just got them! They are wonderful and healthy, thank you so much! 

S.B., North Dakota 12/10/2014

Thank u for the geckos I got last week. They look even better than the pics, and I can't wait to buy more.

E.M., New Mexico 12/9/2014


Just wanted to send a quick email - got the animals yesterday and they look great! Everything was very simple and easy upon pickup as well. Glad this all worked out. I will see you at the 2015 CRBE!


B.W., Canada 12/8/2014

I got them, thanks Steve.  They all look very healthy. I'm extremely happy with them. 

J.G., Canada 12/7/2014

Hi Jasmine,

The geckos are here and are very impressive!  The female Sunglow is incredible and huge, the BB female is perfect for us! The male Sunglow looks beautiful.  I don't think I realized how bright Sunglows are. I got the best deal on the website!

I appreciate the instructions that come with them--way important to follow them. The instructions are not new to me but I really appreciate getting them. They worked with the last shipment. I am very pleased!

Thank you,

K.W., Arizona 12/4/2014

Hi Steve,

I finished  weight measurement of the geckos and I put them in cage. All  geckos are in good health and good quality! The business this time and your works were perfect! Thank you so much Steve!

Best Regards,

T.R. Japan 11/29/2014

Hi my geckos arrived today, just wanted to let you know that they were fine. I'm so happy with my purchase!! Thanks again.

R.J., North Carolina 11/26/2014

I have gotten her home and she is alive and beautiful! Thank you guys so much again!! Couldn't be happier!


A.W., Maryland 11/11/2014

The geckos came in on time, and they look great. We are very pleased with them!! Thanks again for a very smooth a pleasurable experience.

Thank you,

J. and T. C., Louisiana 11/4/2014


I just received my second Leopard Gecko from you on Wednesday. I bought my first one back in 2010, and he is healthy, and beautiful as ever! My newest guy arrived healthy and curious! Thank you again for a high quality, beautiful gecko. I will be back for more! 

Anna U., Ilinois, USA, 11/1/2014

Hi Jasmine,

Just wanted to let you know my little Amyae  arrived about 15 minutes ago! Wow, way beyond what I expected!!! He's already hunting?!?!?!? Thank you!

M.G., Washington D.C., 10/21/2014


Just wanted to let you know she arrived alive and well this morning and is doing well.

Thank you!

S.D., New Hampshire 10/7/2014

Hey guys, thought I would just let you know that the geckos arrived safe and sound. They look great. Thank you.

L.H., Canada 10/3/2014

Steve & team -

The geckos arrived in great shape this morning. They look fantastic and healthy! Thanks for such a great experience working with you guys. Top notch customer service, quick responses and attention to detail! We are very satisfied. Keep up the good work!


P.A., Georgia 10/1/2014

Hey there!

Just wanted to let you guys know that the new girl arrived safe and sound and she is gorgeous! Thank you again for breeding yet another beautiful girl (I have a RAPTOR that I bought from you guys a year ago who is just as stunning as well!)


J.V.D., Florida 9/30/2014

Arrived safely and I did not expect him to be that thick! Holy cow, he has the fattest tail I've ever seen on one.

I am so happy with him thank you guys so much! He's just so bright compared to my other one. You guys really produce quality geckos like nothing I've seen at any local shows and stuff. I'm definitely gonna be getting another one soon as I figure out what project morph I wanna work with next. Again, thank youl!

I'm no longer buying locally, only from u guys. I keep thinking I'm getting these good deals on morphs here, and so far the two I got from you have been bigger and brighter and just better. It is a prime example of you get what you pay for.

B.K., New York 9/23/2014 

We got her today stress free and she looks nice and healthy. Thank you so much for the easy process and for being so accommodating. We look forward to future business! 

Patrick and Grace, Michigan 9/23/2014

Hey I just thought I would let you know the gecko made it safe and sound. He looks great. I look forward to ordering through you guys again in the future

M.E., Arizona 9/23/2014

Hi Steve,

Received him tonight! Awesome as always!

Thanks again!

S.A., United Kingdom, 9/20/2014


I am very happy with my new Nephrurus, they are very big and nice colored! You have one happy customer with me... want to repeat. When you will update your available list?

I., Spain 9/18/2014

Hi Jasmine,

My new babies have made it home safe and sound. They are gorgeous and definitely everything I hoped they would be. Thank you for everything!

L.A., Canada 9/17/2014

Hello, my beautiful leopard gecko got here alive and safe! Thank you so very much.

R.R., Indiana 9/16/2014

Hi Steve! Thanks again for my beautiful geckos - I adore every single one!

R.P., United Kingdom 9/14/2014

Good evening! Thank you very much for animals. They arrived today in Russia. Thank you they are super!

T.Z., Russia 9/14/2014

Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that I received my leopard gecko, and he looks great! Thank you so much.

J.B., Ohio 8/28/2014

Hello!  Our new gecko came to us in Florida at ten this morning.   She is beautiful!   Thanks for everything.  

The Hartmanns, Florida 8/26/2014

Hey Jasmine it's Scott from Pittsburgh. I got the gecko this morning at work, he looks great! Thanks again for all your help. Your company has great customer service and you answered all my questions fast and detailed. That's important to me. I will be doing business again with you guys here in the next few months. You made purchasing a reptile from the internet a very good experience for me and to top it off the gecko is gorgeous!!! Keep up the good work Jasmine, have a nice day!

S.L., 8/26/2014

Hello Jasmine,

I bought a gecko about a month ago, followed all the adjustment period tips, and my little gecko is doing amazingly!  I love her to pieces, and my family loves her as well! Fanta (that's her name) is so sweet, and I can't wait to possibly get another gecko in the near future! Thank you so much for answering all my questions!

J.R., Pennsylvania 8/23/2014

Hi Jasmine,

I received her this morning at 10:30 AM EST. She looks fantastic and have already introduced her into the new environment!

Thank you again for all your help and I may inquire about another gecko in the future!


J.M., New York 8/22/2014


Just wanted to let you know our Gecko (TAF1-now named Salt) arrived today, plump and beautiful!!  Thank you so much!

Have a great evening,

D.M., Washington 8/19/2014

Attn. Jasmine.

Thanks received both Geckos at 9:30 AM today they look real healthy and beautiful colors, had their habitats ready last night, cant wait to show the wife when she gets home.

Thanks again

L.F., Oregon 7/29/2014

Ok I just got her and she's awesome! Very happy thanks a lot!

J.A., Arizona 7/24/2014

Hi Jasmine! 

I just wanted to thank you all for our beautiful new geckos. We look forward to getting many more. They arrived safe and are doing very well.

Thank you!!

S.C., Indiana 7/19/2014

Received the gecko and she looks awesome, thanks again.

R.R., California 7/16/2014

Just wanted to let you know that the gecko arived safely and he is in his new tank. Thank you for the beautiful lizard and may I add that he is HUGE lol. Well have a nice day and I look forward to buying from you again.

M.M. California 7/16/2014

Hey, just got the gecko in. It's healthy and everything. It looks so much better in person! Thank you!

S.D., New York 7/16/2014


Just wanted to let you know that my gecko made it safe and sound and is beautiful!! He's huge and healthy! Thank you!!

K.D., Florida 7/3/2014

Thank you so much Steve!!!!!

My girl arrived this morning, and she is gorgeous. She was a good size and is healthy. I love her bright orange coloring, I decided to name her Phoenix because of it. Whenever I decide to purchase another gecko, it will definitely be from you. I will recommend you to anyone I know that is interested in owning a gecko.

D.A., New York 7/3/2014


Thank you so much. I am so happy with her. She is very pretty. I couldn't be happier. 

Thank you,

R.M., South Carolina 6/28/2014


The geckos arrived this morning and are even more colorful in person!  All of them are getting used to their environments and will make great breeders this year!  The male is even bigger than I expected!  I plan on ordering again from you in the near future!

Thank you,

V.H., California 6/26/2014

Dear Steve

Thank you for having sent great geckos. Is a very good state everyone .I am surprised to your geckos quality. In addition we will order.Please tell me when new gecko born.

Thank you.

M.F., Japan 6/20/2014

Dear Steve.


Thank you for the shipment today. It was perfect!! I like it! Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 6/20/2014

Thanks for the great geckos!!

R.S., Texas 6/19/2014


Just letting you know that they are here and all are okay. They are absolutely beautiful.

Thanks Again for a job well done,

J.J., Nevada 6/17/2014

The geckos are doing really good they arrived safe and I'm pretty sure there happy.  They look as beautiful and healthy as I hoped, thank you very much! 


P.B., Switzerland 6/12/2014

I got him, and he is BEAUTIFUL :-)!!

Thank you so very much steve for this truly awesome animal!

R.H., Germany 6/11/2014

Hi Steve

Just a quick note to say thank you for my beautiful gecko.  You'll no doubt be pleased to know that she is settling in nicely, enjoying her humid hide and, dare I say it, eating morio worms (there's definitely some missing from the bowl and no sign of them elsewhere in the enclosure).

Best wishes,

R.P., United Kingdom 6/10/2014

Hey Steve,

The geckos are here already! And also the snake of course! Awesome as always!

C.M.K, Malaysia 6/8/2014


Just to let you know the gecko arrived perfectly :D

Thx again.


K., Belgium 6/7/2014

They both arrived! More plump than I was expecting, they look great!

Thank you again, 

D.D., Washington D.C. 6/5/2014

Hi Jasmine,

Just to let you know my Geckos arrived safely, and they are absolutely gorgeous , thank you so much. I hope to purchase a couple more when you have some new ones for sale and when I have saved up enough money. I hope to purchase a couple more when you have some new ones for sale and when I have saved up enough money.

Best wishes,

S.W., Arizona 5/29/2014


Just received my gecko! She looks to be doing great! Thank you guys so much! 


E.D.V. California 5/28/2014

I recieved the geckos yesterday. They are gorgeous and much larger than I had expected. I have refered your name to a few enthusiasts and I will definately be ordering from you in the future. 

C.M., New York 5/21/2014

Leopard gecko BEF1 has made it safe and sound and is in her new home. she's even move beautiful in person and thought her travel was comfy enough to go into shed lol.

A.S., Alaska 5/20/14

She arrived!!!! She looks great just very sleepy. We have her set in a warm dark place to sleep off her journey. I will attempt to introduce her to her new home later this evening. Thank you again!!!! You guys really do produce the coolest geckos keep up the good work!


C.K. & Family, Oklahoma 5/20/14

Steve thank you very much for my Geckos !!! They are so awesome my family are thrilled with them . Just received my girl today and she is gorgeous . Thanks for working with me again and hope to see you in a reptile show in Cal one day :)

A.M., California 5/6/2014

Thanks, the gecko has arrived in good health and looks amazing, thank you!

B.K., New York 5/6/2014


I just wanted to let you know that my hognose arrived safe and sound this morning!  She is just beautiful!  And I also wanted to ask what she is eating right now, frozen or live?  Thanks again for a wonderful buying experience!

J.G., Indiana 5/6/2014

Just wanted to let you know the geckos got here and they look great. Thank you again.

C.S., New Jersey 4/30/2014

Hi Steve!

I just wanted to let you know my gecko girl just arrived in perfect health! She is very pretty, and a lot bigger than what I though she'd be (I just weighed her and she's 59 grams instead of 49 grams). No worries though, I hope she's close enough in weight to get along with both my little boy Rango and my big girl Persilla.

Thanks so much again, she is very pretty and already I can tell she's going to be a great pet.


T.P., Washington 4/29/2014

I just unboxed the leopard gecko and put him in his tank already. He's a lot bigger than I expected! And looks healthy too. Thank you very much for this beautiful leopard gecko! 

I.M., Texas 4/24/2014

Hi Steve,

I just got them unpacked and in their new enclosures. They are incredible! Their color in unbelievable! You've done nice work with the hypo amyae. I'll have to do more business with you in the future.


M.T., Arizona 4/23/2014


I just wanted to let you know my gecko arrived and he's safe and now settling into his new cage. I also wanted to say thank you so much for sending him to me, and if I ever decide to get another I will definitely be buying from you again. His new name is Fiyero. Again, thanks so much! I love him already!

R.J., Indiana 4/22/2014

Just wanted to thank you guys for such an Amazing Transaction. The Gecko you sent me is Extremely Gorgeous, and so laid back. Such great Customer Service, and Animals. I will Definitely Recommend you guys in the Future! :) Thanks again. 

S.R., Texas 4/22/2014


I got the gecko and she is amazing. She is so beautiful and very laid back/chill kinda girl. She is beautiful and I can't thank you enough :)

M.H., New York 4/17/2014

Hello Steve!

I am very excited to say I received my fat tail girls and the pictures you have don't give them enough justice for how beautiful they are. Thank you so much for all your help and I am really looking forward to seeing your booth at the Sacramento Reptile show!

A.H., California 4/16/2014

Just got the geckos home and settled. They look great! Great packing too. Thanks!

A.U., Alabama 4/16/2014


My shipment arrived safe and sound. They both look awesome. Thanks for the great service!!

K.B., Tennessee 4/15/2014

Hello Steve,

I just received the blizzard female that my girlfriend brought from you for my birthday. Thank you sir she is very pretty and healthy. She will be a great edition to my gecko clan and my breeding projects.Thank you again and you just gained a life time customer.


J.H., South Carolina 4/15/2014

Dear Steve,

I bought a beautiful hypo female from you (I believe she was NF2) in January. I just wanted to let you know how she is doing. Her name is now Tundra. She is SO sweet and healthy! On (4-11-14, if you don't read this on that date, the day I sent this email) I put her with my other male gecko (a high yellow named Luster) to breed them. They got along just fine and stayed in a hide on the warm side. You can trust that she is in good hands. She is eating and very healthy. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and people online!     *:) happy Thank you so much for Tundra. She is very pretty and friendly!

D.B., California 4/12/14

Hi Jasmine,

Just wanted to let you know that the snake arrived okay.  He looks great.

Thanks for the fast service,

L.B., California 4/3/2014

Hi Jasmine,

The white and yellow girl arrived safely this a.m. I'm very happy with her and will be looking for a male to pair her up with soon. Thanks!

N.B., California 4/3/2014

I got the package from the Fedex store today. It did work out well just picking up the package from Fedex which is not far away from my work. Everything is well with the two leopard geckos, they looked great and are in there new homes. They are both very nice and I appreciate the purchase and the ease at which you do your business. I look forward to making some other purchases in the near future. Thank You very much.  

B.B. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 4/2/2014


Just wanted to let u know the red stripe male arrived. What a cool gecko!

Thanks again,

N.B., California 3/25/2014

Hi Steve!

Thank you for the shipment. Just now, I received cargo, and came back from air port. All animals were very good condition and very good quality!! Perfect!! I appreciate your work. Thank you always!!

I am looking forward to the next business!

Best regards.

M., Japan 3/21/2014


 Just wanted to let you know that the geckos arrived and look great.


N.A., New Jersey 3/20/2014

Just emailing to let you guys know that she came in today and is resting in her quarantine tank. She is gorgeous! Thank you again for the quick service and a beautiful leo!


J.V.D, Florida 3/19/2014

My gecko arrived about an hour ago and I have never been more excited. He made his journey fine. He is so big, beautiful and healthy!!! Funny how it only takes a second to fall in love with something so majestic. I named him Mongo because he is humongous! His name fits him. He is also very active. Thank you so much for raising and taking such good care of him. I will definitely recommend Geckos Etc to anyone I know looking to buy a Leo. My daughter wants one now, so I am sure you can expect another purchase real soon. I also want to personally thank you, Jasmine for getting back to me so quickly with emails and Steve for returning my call. 

Take care,

J.J., Nevada 3/14/2014 

Morning Steve-

The Gecko arrived safe and sound….thank you!  My 9 year old son is VERY happy.


R.G., Washington 3/13/2014

Just wanted to let you know that both geckos arrived safely, and seem to be settling in well. Also, they are just gorgeous.

Thanks so much!

B.S., Rhode Island 3/11/2014

Hi Steve

I have received the gecko.  He is great!  Thanks :)

All the best,

M., Poland 3/11/2014


I received the geckos in great condition! Thank you so much!

M.L., North Carolina 3/9/2013

Good Morning Steve, 

I am back from the Hamm show with my new gecko from you. She is in great health and looks amazing. Thank you very much for her.

Best wishes,

M., United Kingdom 3/9/2014


I just wanted to update you on how the three Leos are we bought from you. All are doing well and my temp problem seems to be solved. My daughter has named the male Thor and the two females Belle and Skittles lol. All are active and beautiful. We will definitely do business again. Can't wait to some offspring from these guys. I am telling everyone how great you guys are. I couldn't ask for a better breeder to buy from. When I told you I was having temp problems you were genuinely concerned. That shows that you really care for your animals. Thank you!

A.F., Georgia 3/1/2014

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know, that I received the Mack Snow W/Y, and she is warming up in her new home.

She is stunning, and very healthy! I think, she is prettier than the picture. Very pleased!!!

S.M., Florida 2/18/2014

Hi Steve, 

Got the gecko in good shape. He's a cool looking fellow. Thanks again. Hope you and your family are doing well.

Best regards,

J.S., Colorado 2/18/2014

Hey Steve,

The big guy arrived this morning about 10:30 mountain time. He's so awesome looking! He's already warming up to his new environment and exploring it. Thank you so much. I'm very pleased with him, and my whole experience with geckosetc. I'll definitely recommend you to my friends, and will probably get some female leos from you later this year. Also, thank you for being so patient and helpful with me. I'm very satisfied.

Thank you,

S.B., Utah 2/11/2014


Just wanted to let you know that they arrived, and are warming up in their new homes.

They are all gorgeous!!

S.M., Florida 2/4/2014

Hi Jasmine and Steve,

The two geckos are perfect and relaxing in their large tubs that we prepped in advance. I totally believe in the points you make with written document that comes in the box.  The two geckos look right and are well grown.

Our geckos have their own tubs with dry wood hide"house" and a large moist warm hide with uth. The paper you sent with care instructions is like a manual on exactly what to do over the next month--I could of used this 1 1/2 years ago after buying 7 geckos from XXXXXX at XXXXXXXXX when I was brand new to geckos/culture.  I will review it over the month as time unfolds.

Good job with the geckos--you are selling a quality product.


K.W., 1/30/2014

Hey Steve!

I got all of geckos healthy! I'm very happy about what I got! 

R.H., 1/22/2014


The young male Dreamsicle made it safely to his new home!  Very nice gecko.  I now have 9 adults (breeders), most of which I purchased from you.  Thanks for the quality you provide.

B.G., Utah 1/21/2014

Hey Steve,

I got my granite male and am very impressed. He is amazing! I recently got a female for him and can really tell the difference in quality and care. 

C.W., Ohio 1/16/2014

She made it safely today and looks great. Many thanks.

D.B., Texas, 1/15/2014


Just wanted to let you know he got here safe and sound, 

Thank you!!

K.M., New York 1/14/2014

Hi Geckos Etc! 

Just wanted to confirm that I have received my gecko, BTM1. He looks great! Thanks!

M.B., Florida 1/11/2014